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Thorben Petersen, PhD


Theoretical studies on Photocatalytic Water Splitting

  • Periodic Modelling of oxide and nitride surfaces (DFT)
  • Application of ab initio quantum chemical methods to calculate high-dimensional potential energy surfaces for ground and excited states (CASSCF, CASPT2/NEVPT2)
  • Fit of potential energy surfaces using Artificial Neural Networks (MATLAB, PyTorch, scikit-learn)
  • Wavepacket-based Quantum Dynamics

See also Priority Program 1613


Scientific Papers:

Further activities:

  • Tutoring of undergraduate seminars
  • Administration of the working group's website

Curriculum Vitae

 Personal Data
 Name   Thorben Petersen
 Date of Birth 23.10.1991 in Delmenhorst, Germany
 Nationality German
 Working Experience
 since 03/2017 Research Fellow
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany
 11/2013 - 11/2016 Student Assistent
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany
 05/2011 - 09/2011 Production Helper
jobbec GmbH, Delmenhorst, Germany
 since 03/2017 PhD
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany
 10/2014 - 01/2017 Master of Science in Chemistry
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany
 10/2011 - 09/2014 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany
 08/2004 - 06/2011 Abitur (German A-levels)
Max-Plank Gymnasium, Delmenhorst, Germany
 Conferences and Further Training
 07/10/2019 - 11/10/2019 CECAM Workshop: Thinking outside of the box - Beyond machine learning for quantum chemistry (Bremen, Germany)
Contributed Poster
 22/09/2019 - 26/09/2019 STC2019: Spectroscopy and Photoinduced Dynamics (Rostock, Germany)
Contributed Poster
 11/09/2019 - 14/09/2019 SP7 (Milan, Italy)
Contributed Poster
 01/04/2019 - 05/04/2019 International Bunsen-Discussion-Meeting: Fundamentals and Applications of (Photo)Electrolysis for Efficient Energy Storage (Taormina, Sicily)
Contributed Talk
 04/02/2019 - 08/02/2019 CECAM Workshop: Correlated Electron Physics beyond the Hubbard Model (Bremen, Germany)
Contributed Poster
 22/10/2018 - 26/10/2018 nanoGe Fall Meeting 2018 (Torremolinos, Spain)
Contributed Talk and Poster
 18/06/2018 - 23/06/2018 ICQC16 (Menton, France)
Contributed Poster
 05/03/2018 - 09/03/2018 APS March Meeting 2018 (Los Angeles, USA)
Contributed Talk
 11/09/2017 - 14/09/2017 SP6 (Oldenburg, Germany)
Contributed Poster (awarded with Posterprize)
 27/08/2017 - 01/09/2017 WATOC17 (Munich, Germany)
Contributed Poster
 26/06/2017 - 29/06/2017 CECAM Workshop: Challenges in Reaction Dynamics of
Gas-Surface Interactions
(Albi, France)
Contributed Poster
 19/03/2017 - 24/03/2017 DPG Frühjahrstagung 2017 (Dresden, Germany)
Contributed Talk
 26/09/2016 - 28/09/2016  DFG SPP1613 Summer School: Fuels Produced Regeneratively
Through Light-Driven Water Splitting
(Berlin, Germany)
Contributed Poster

Dissertation (2020)

Quantum Chemical and Quantum Dynamical Investigation on the Photochemistry of Water on Anatase-TiO2(101)

Master thesis (2017)

High-dimensional quantum dynamical calculations on the photochemistry of water on TiO2-rutile(110)

Bachelor thesis (2014)

Photochemistry of NO on TiO2-rutile(110): Ab initio calculations of electronically excited states




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