Chemical reaction engineering

Course "Chemical reaction engineering"

Type of course Lecture
Docent Prof. Dr. F. Rößner
Day and time Tue 10-12, Th 10-12
Room A1 2-202
Remark 2nd half of term

About the lecture

  • basics of chemical reaction engineering
  • characterisation and modelling of chemical reactions (basic terms, thermodynamics and stoichiometry of chemical reactions, microkinetics, kinetics of mass and heat transfer, the interaction of chemical reactions and transport phenomena - makrokinetics, homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, stable and unstable operation points, modelling)
  • experimental determination of kinetic data
  • reactors design (mass and heat balances, batch reactor, ideal continuous mixing vat, ideal flow tube, comparison of ideal reactors, characteristics of residence time (data acquisition, modelling), characteristics of mixing, reactor design)
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