Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Sascha Laubinger

+49 (0)441 798-3333

Secretary's Office

+49 (0)441 798-3412

+49 (0)441 798-3250

W04 1-158

Mailings addressed to the Director should be sent directly to the IBU Secretariat Wechloy to avoid delays!!

Postal Address

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät V - Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften
Institut für Biologie und Umweltwissenschaften
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118 
26129 Oldenburg

Visitors Address

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Straße 9-11


Office / Committees / FAQs

Office / Committees / FAQs

Important informations about Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences:

  • Who is the head of the Institute?
  • Who are the contact persons in the secretariat of the IBUs?
  • What is the current composition of the Institute council?
  • What is the composition of the individual commissions of the IBU and what are the names of the special subject officers in the IBU?
  • How do I calculate excursion costs correctly?
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