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Location of the collection

The collection is housed in the Multimedia Centre on the mezzanine between the 3rd and 4th floors of the Central Library.

Borrowing terms

Resources and films can be viewed in the Multimedia Centre. It is not possible to borrow 35 mm films, posters, scripts or shot lists, however you can borrow DVD videos and television recordings. Additional literature on the collection may also be borrowed on request.

DEFA films

DEFA films

Contents of the collection

The Oldenburg University Library has 770 copies in 35mm film format (feature films as well as documentaries and children's films) from the former East German film studio, the DEFA.

The collection also comprises:

  • around 400 scripts, shot lists and production documents
  • a collection of newspaper clippings and press reviews of DEFA films from East and West Germany
  • 700 original film posters
  • a collection of photos
  • 6,000 film descriptions for the all films shown in the GDR
  • a complete collection of film magazines
  • publications by the studio and the Verband der Film- und Fernsehschaffenden der DDR
  • monographs and lexicons on DEFA films as well as the literary sources on which they are based 
  • television recordings made by the Multimedia Centre (Mediathek) of and on DEFA films and GDR history supplement the collection. 
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