Team leader
Elke Seiler
phone: 0441 - 798 3194
room B 1-134

Wilhelm A. Bahlmann
phone: 0441 - 798 3194
room B 4-419

Mona Hedemann
room: B 4-419
phone: 0441 - 798 3194

Working in the Multimedia Centre

Working in the Multimedia Centre

The multimedia centre (Mediathek) offers several rooms to use its audiovisual materials and technical equipment in.

Audio carrels

In the audio carrels you can play CDs, records, audio cassettes and tapes as well as mini discs. You can also convert these formats to CD, mini disc or audio cassette.

Video carrels

In the video carrels you can play DVDs, video cassettes and Blu-ray discs.


The multimedia centre is equipped with several microfilm and microfiche viewers. You can also make digital scans of microfilms and microfiches. Self-service scanning is free of charge.

Borrowing terms

With a few exceptions, multimedia centre resources may be borrowed by all library users.

  • To borrow TV recordings you must be a member of Oldenburg University (students, teaching staff and administrative staff of Oldenburg University). All you need is a valid library card and confirmation of your status in the library account.
  • Records may not be borrowed but can be transferred to CD in the Multimedia Center's audio carrels.

To borrow materials you need a valid library card. Audiovisual materials may be borrowed for 14 days, and loans can be renewed for another 14 days up to six times unless the item has been placed on hold. Audiovisual materials may be borrowed at the multimedia center info counter and must also be returned there.

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