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Barrier-free workstation

Barrier-free workstation

The University Library aims to provide barrier-free access and study for all users. A workstation for users with special needs is available on the 1st floor, next to the scanning and photocopying area.

User options  ̶  three boot modes:

This workstation features three different user modes:

  • Standard: The work environment is the same as on all other PCs in the library.
  • Supernova: This mode launches the SUPERNOVA magnifying software with which with the optional Braille terminal can be used. Please note that because SUPERNOVA puts the operating system under considerable strain, other applications are slowed down. Unfortunately this is the only option for working with the Braille terminal. For this reason, only the basic software has been installed for "Supernova" mode. Please contact us if you need to use other applications. We will update the software accordingly.
  • Disability: In this mode the "normal" scanner function is converted into a special text-to-speech scanner that reads scanned texts aloud or saves them as PDF or voice files. All other functions are identical to the "Standard" mode.


This workstation incorporates a number of applications which enable you to work with aids such as screen readers and speech-recognition software.

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