Emergency Numbers


Emergency number (fire department, medical emergencies)


Threat situations (police)


In case of intoxication (Giftinformationszentrum-Nord, GIZ-Nord)

0551 – 19240

Servicepoint Campus Wechloy


Safety officer of the Institute of Chemistry
Burghard Stigge


Laboratory coats for safe work in the lab can be obtained through the Chemistry Student Union, while protective goggles and acid-resistant gloves can be acquired through the supply depot.

For further information, please visit the Chemistry Student Council’s website: Laboratory Equipment.

Laboratories and Practical Courses: Working Safely

Ensuring safety in a chemical laboratory, which includes the practical laboratory courses integrated into the study programmes, requires knowledge and competencies in safety procedures:

  • Access permissions, appropriate attire, and personal protective equipment, as well as conduct and activities within laboratory spaces,
  • Hands-on laboratory work (such as handling laboratory glassware, using coolers, and working with gases),
  • Handling and use of chemicals,
  • Classification and labelling of chemical substances,
  • Understanding hazard and safety instructions,
  • Awareness of fire and explosion risks,
  • Knowledge of toxicology,
  • Protocols to follow in case of accidents, etc.

The safety awareness among staff in the chemistry field, alongside the knowledge and skills acquired in this domain, appropriate conduct and exemplary behaviour are fundamental aspects of professional ethics.

Safety Measures for Laboratory Work

Practical Sessions

In addition to the aforementioned safety measures, safety briefings are conducted at the beginning of practical sessions. Students are required to familiarise themselves with safety regulations or attend safety briefings before commencing practical work. Further information, including safety briefing schedules, will be communicated to students via Stud.IP.

Additional Contacts and Resources

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