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Guest Students

Meetings of guest students from Oldenburg and Groningen

Since the fall of 2000, the seminar series "Border Contacts" has determined the cooperation the two universities at the level of guest students. The origins of the seminar series date back to 1988, when the first meetings between guest students from the University of Oldenburg and the "Seniorenacadmie Groningen, Drenthe, Frysland" took place. In the early years, the participants mainly exchanged their different study experiences at the annual meetings: While the seniors in Groningen and the surrounding area were among themselves at an academy, in Oldenburg the "older semesters" studied together with the young regular students as guest students.

Since the 1990s, the scientific exchange has been intensified more and more and finally resulted in the bilateral seminar series "Grenzkontakte". Within the framework of this structured scientific format, regular meetings took place in Groningen, Oldenburg and - halfway - in Leer. Diverse topics from the fields of literature and language, culture and religion, economics as well as environmental and natural sciences determined the seminars, which lasted several days.

Key figures in the bilateral exchange and the seminar series were Anja van Berkum from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Dr. Christiane Brokmann-Nooren from the University of Oldenburg. Both recently retired - but the exchange for guest students from both neighbouring countries is to be continued: A concept is currently being developed to ensure the continuation of the successful and popular cooperation for guest students.

(Changed: 2021-11-26)