Prof. Dr. Lena Ansmann
Head of Division Organizational Health Services Research

+49 441 798-4165 


Prof. Dr. Axel Hamprecht
Institute Director Medical Microbiology and Virology


Dr. Adriana Pérez-Fortis
Scientific coordinator Cross-Border Institute of Healthcare Systems and Prevention


Healthy Ageing for a Healthy Society

European Medical School Oldenburg-Groningen (EMS)

In the coming years, the cooperation will focus on further developing the European Medical School (curriculum, Rural Medicine, Public Health, Hearing Research, Neurosciences and Biomedical Sciences) in concert with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and associated Oldenburg hospitals. The cooperation and its extension with regard to the European Medical School is subject to separate agreements and is closely monitored by the Boards of the Faculties/School and Presidents of the Universities.

There is opportunity for new initiatives for joint modules or joint programmes in, for instance, the fields of Biomedical Sciences or Rural Medicine.

Opportunities for biomedical research will be further explored. Joint tutoring of PhD candidates will be instrumental in the linkage between research units and regional partners. The graduate schools at UG and research groups at UOL will be encouraged to look for opportunities.

Cross-Border Institute of Healthcare Systems and Prevention

The Cross-Border Institute of Healthcare Systems and Prevention (CBI) affiliated with the UG Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health and the UOL School of Medicine and Health Sciences was launched in February 2019. Its aim is to conduct research on questions of cross-border health along the Northern Dutch-German border to compare the differing healthcare systems from several perspectives (medical care, health economy, law, social aspects). That research will form the basis for innovative approaches to changing healthcare systems on both sides of the border and to finding answers for societal questions linked to health (e.g. healthy ageing).

Joint PhD Training

In 2000, the international graduate school “Neurosensory Science, Systems and Applications”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), laid the foundation for cooperation in the medical sciences between UOL and UG. Ever since, joint training activities for PhD candidates have been at the core of this collaboration, the joint PhD programme “Translational Research: From Pathological Mechanisms to Therapy”, started in 2018, currently being of particular note. Historically and continually, neuroscientific research on hearing has been especially impactful in the region. The partners intend to continue facilitating and to expand joint training activities with regard to PhD candidates.

Instruments and Incentives

Coordination in preparing the appointment of professors, in jointly supervising PhD candidates, and joint fundraising for research projects further augment the cooperation.

(Changed: 2021-11-26)