Head of Research and Transfer



Ilka Carstens
Department for Research and Transfer,
Head of the National and International Research Funding Unit and Early Career Funding Unit

+49 441 798-2817

Knowledge Transfer, Entrepreneurship, and Public Engagement

Both universities share the goal of joining forces regarding knowledge transfer, fostering entrepreneurship and expanding public engagement.

With its regional transfer strategy, UOL has defined strategic areas for its university-wide transfer activities. One of the flagship initiatives for implementing central transfer activities is the project „Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg!“. Starting in 2020, as part of the project “EXIST V”, in which UG is an important partner, UOL has begun strategically leveraging its highly successful support for technology and knowledge-based start-ups in the entire northwestern region. It thus complements UG’s ambitions for the “University of the North”, which aims to integrate institutions from the Dutch provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe in conjunction with UG’s German foothold in Papenburg.

Knowledge transfer can take many forms, such as industry-university relations, cooperation with cultural institutions, business development or politics, inventions and start-ups, science shops and houses of science, lifelong learning courses for professionals or extramural career perspectives for students or PhDs candidates. The networks and links built through these relations help fulfil the universities’ third mission: contributing to a sustainable and responsible society.

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