Equal Opportunities Officer

Anne Kosfeld

Equal Opportunities Office

Gender inclusive language and communication

The guideline for gender inclusive language and communication advocates for a respectful, inclusive and non-discriminatory communication and atmosphere. The guideline is intended to raise awareness, to encourage all university members to reflect on their expressions and to adapt them if necessary.

The guideline was developed by a working group lead by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer and then adopted by the Senate and the Presidential Board. Comprehensive examples of the use of gender-inclusive language in German can be found on the website of the Equal Opportunities Office.

Basic principles of implementation

The main elements of the guideline for gender inclusive language and communication are:

  • comprehensive, neutral terms and phrases for groups of persons
  • the use of the gender star where not otherwise possible
  • an inclusive salutation, e. g. dear [title] [first name] [surname], dear colleagues
  • enable non-binary information in forms, queries and documents
  • a balanced heterogenous representation of people in different media without reproducing gendered stereotypes

In scientific papers the responsibility lies solely on the authors. The personal contact remains individual.

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