Equal Opportunities Officer

Anne Kosfeld

Equal Opportunities Office

Gender Equality Action Plan

The Gender Equality Action Plan 2020 also includes an overview of existing structures, regulations and programmes on gender equality. Furthermore, the analysis of strengths and weaknesses shows the gender ratio among students, researchers as well as technical and administrative staff and university bodies. 

Focal points of the Gender Equality Action Plan 2020

The Gender Equality Plan 2020 sets four priorities for the university's gender equality strategy in the coming years:

  • A gender-sensitive university culture
  • Promoting early career female researchers
  • Recruitment of female scientists
  • A diversity and anti-discrimination strategy

Measures of the Gender Equality Action Plan 2020

The catalogue of measures in the Gender Equality Action Plan contains 124 equal opportunities measures whose implementation is the responsibility of central and/or decentral organisational units or of schools' deans' offices. These measures include

  • Standards for promoting equal opportunity (#2)
  • A university network of gender equality (#3)
  • Monitoring gender equality among doctoral students and doctorate academic staff (#6-7)
  • A mentoring programme for early career female researchers (#59)
  • A guideline and training on active recruitment (#76-79)
  • A guideline on gender-sensitive language (#110)
  • A diversity strategy (#118)
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