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Erasmus+ funding

Student mobility for studies (SMS)

Financial support for students studying abroad within the Erasmus+ programme is based on the different living costs in the programme countries. Starting from 2019, the following minimum student mobility for studies (SMS) grants will apply across Europe for the three groups of programme countries:

  • Group 1 (EUR 450 per month): Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  • Group 2 (EUR 390 per month): Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus.
  • Group 3 (EUR 330 per month): Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary.

Time spent studying abroad may also include Zero Grant periods. This means time spent studying abroad without receiving Eramus+ funding while maintaining Erasmus status. For more information on Erasmus+ funding for studying abroad, please contact us at the International Office (IO).

Erasmus+ special funds

Special funding is available for students with disabilities (min. 30 GdB,  for the long applicationmin. 50 GdB) as well as for students with child(ren) in order to realise the Erasmus+ stay abroad.

Preparatory trips for severely disabled students and interns

Due to the corona crisis, it is currently still unclear when European universities will start offering face-to-face teaching again. In order to enable as many students as possible to participate in mobility offerings, the German national agency DAAD now also supports preparatory trips for severely disabled students (from a degree of disability of 50). The funds are made available by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and serve to prepare for an Erasmus+ stay abroad in a programme country.

Information on the DAAD's general terms and funding conditions (in German)

Erasmus+ funding for students and staff with a disability or a chronic illness

Equal treatment and equal opportunities

By signing the Erasmus charter for higher education, each university institution undertakes to provide equal access and opportunities for all those receiving funding.

Additional financial support within Erasmus+

Students and graduates with a degree of disability of at least 30 who have been accepted by their home institution for an Erasmus+ funded study programme or a traineeship abroad can receive funding through a lump-sum grant. Please inform the International Office team about your additional needs.  The monthly allowance is EUR 200, regardless of the country you will be spending your stay abroad in.

What additional support do you need?

Examples of additional costs include barrier-free accommodation, travel assistance, medical care abroad, adaptation of learning materials or an accompanying person. Depending on your additional financial requirements, you can apply for a one-off grant or submit a full application for additional funds of up to a maximum of EUR 10,000. To claim additional needs, please contact the International Office, which will work with you to prepare the application and then submit it to the DAAD.

Further information

Please see the DAAD website for more information. Another useful resource is, an online platform developed including accessibility details for university facilities and many other places and services. The platform contains tips and hints on accessibility for preparing an Erasmus+ stay.

Data protection

Personal data will be treated as confidential and will only be processed in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation to the extent that this is necessary for your application and participation in the Erasmus+ programme.

Special funds for students with children

Students who are funded by Erasmus+ for a stay abroad and travel abroad with their child/children can apply for a monthly lump sum via their university, which is paid in addition to the regular Erasmus+ funding instalment.

The lump sum subsidy is EUR 200 per month (regardless of the number of children).

Please contact the International Office well in advance of your stay abroad so they can send you the application form for special funding.

Further information on special funds (in German, provided by DAAD)

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