Student InfoLine

+49 (0)441 798-2728

Mo – Th 9.30 am to 4.00 pm

Fr 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

Service hours

Student Service Centre – A12

Mo – Th 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Fr 9.30 am to 12.00 pm 

Netiquette for requests by e-mail

For personal enquiries please have your student ID or application number ready on hand.

The Examinations Office team

Head of section

Acting head of section

Sebastian Wilks

A12 2-206

Assistant head of section

Selina Damke

A12 2-214

Contact persons

Change: For more information on your degree programme, select Exams on our web pages.
Please use the student contact form for your inquiries to the Examinations Office. This form enables us to process your message or inquiry more efficiently and quickly.

Team 1 supports students of Schools I and II

Leader of team 1

Grit Gräßler

A12 2-203


Sina Behrens

A12 2-202

Andrea Glatzel

A12 2-202

Monika Kochanowski

A12 2-201

Lena Stratmann

A12 2-205

Thomas Thürk

A12 2-204

Florian Welz

A12 2-208

Oxana Wolf

A12 2-205

Team 2 supports students of Schools III and IV

Leader of team 2

Selina Damke

A12 2-214


Anastasia Altmann

A12 2-213

Xenia Frischkorn

A12 2-212

Johannes Hinrichs

A12 2-204


Antje Kaczmarek

A12 2-209

Christoph Parnitzke

A12 2-212

Alexandra Sieweke

A12 2-210

Undine Wichmann

A12 2-215

Team 3 supports students of Schools V and VI

Leader of team 3

Sebastian Wilks

A12 2-206


Klaus Bester


Anne Johannes

A12 2-216


Elisa Lichterfeld

A12 2-220

Susanne Osterkamp

A12 2-221


Melanie Peters

A12 2-222

Lena van Rüschen

A12 2-220

Special tasks

Recognition based on studies
Recognition based on professional competencies

Klaus Wettwer

A12 3-305

Recognition based on studies
Recognition based on professional competencies

Moss Hannah Bohrer

A12 3-306

Project Reforming Examination Regulations

Leena Warnebold-Ott

A12 3-307

Area of specialisation

Marie Coerper 

A12 3-308


Nadine Stolle

A12 3-308


Selina Wertenbruch

A12 2-214

Currently not on duty

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