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Organisation and committees

The Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (NHG) stipulates that universities are responsible for promoting equal opportunities for women and men and seeking to eliminate existing disadvantages (see Section 3.3 of the NHG).

The Central Equal Opportunities Officer makes sure that the university fulfils this duty (see Section 42.2.1 of the NHG). She is involved in all discussions concerning university plans as well as structural and personnel decisions, since any and all areas can, in principle, have an impact on the interests of women (see State parliament, document 14/2541, 84 f). She must always be fully involved, at an early stage, in all matters that fall within her area of responsibility in accordance with Section 42 of the NHG, including structural planning (see Section 14 of the university statues).

The central equal opportunities officer has the right to submit proposals to the Presidential Board. She is an advisory member of the University Senate and its committees, the University Council as well as other bodies and committees (see Section 42.3 of the NHG).She is also a member of the Senate Committee for Equal Opportunities  and manages the committee’s activities.

She advises the Presential Board and the School boards on strategic issues relating to the achievement of gender equality.

Central and Decentral Equal Opportunities Officers

At the Schools, university-wide institutions and central administration departments, the Decentral Equal Opportunities Officers work closely with the Central  Equal Opportunities Officer to achieve gender equality at the respective School and organisational unit, especially regarding upcoming personnel measures (job advertisements, recruitment, promotions, transfers to more senior roles and levels, etc.). Both the Central and the Decentral Equal Opportunities Officers are jointly involved in development planning and structural measures at the Schools and organisational units (see Section 15 of the university statutes).

Equal Opportunities Committee

The Equal Opportunities Committee and the Equal Opportunities Officer work together to draw up proposals for the Presidential Board and the University Senate on how the university can fulfil its duty to promote equal opportunities and eliminate existing disadvantages. The committee’s meetings are public.

More (internal university document)

Women’s Plenary Assembly

The Women’s Plenary Assembly is convened at least once a year by the central equal opportunities officer. The Equal Opportunities committee is appointed by the University Senate based on nominations from the Women’s Plenary Assembly (see Section 13 ff. of the university statutes).

The decentral Women’s Assemblies at the Schools, the university-wide institutions and central administration departments submit nominations for the decentral equal opportunities officers. These meetings are convened by the respective management of the organisational unit (see Section 15 of the university statutes).

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