Dr. Sibet Riexinger
Public Outreach
Room: Wilhelmshaven, EG 004
Room: Oldenburg,
Phone: +49-(0)4421-944-113 / (0)441-798 8113

Announcements & Newsflashes

Water samples collected in different depths in the North Atlantic Ocean by deploying a rosette, containing Niskin bottles and physical sensors [Photo: M. Seidel].
Marine Science

Analysis of sulfur isotopes identifies potential source of ancient dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the world's oceans

DOM is organic material dissolved in seawater - containing mostly carbon, but also nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and other elements - that is smaller than…

A sediment trap is launched during the POSEIDON expedition POS536 [Photo:Thea Hamm, GEOMAR].
Marine Science

Hitching a ride to the deep sea

In-situ sampling carried out on an expedition and subsequent measurements shed new light on the downward flux of microplastics from the ocean surface…

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