Blue Info Days & Open House Event

The first information event on Citclops organised by the ICBM took place in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Even those who did not have the opportunity to take part in the Blue Info Days and the consecutive Open House Event at the UNESCO-Wadden sea World Heritage Visitor Centre, may join in: support the scientists by doing own measurements using your smartphone, for instance. Please see for more information.

15 and 16 March 2014
[Sat 15:00 - 17:00h, Su 10:00 - 14:00h]
Where?UNESCO World Heritage Visitor Centre, Wilhelmshaven, Foyer.

Who?Everybody can take part!
Discover the marine scientist inside yourself!
(a Smartphone would be helpful, but is not obligatory).

What?Introduction into three key water monitoring methods including use of new smartphone apps. Meet the experts while enjoying a free snack.

How?Register at: meey/cresihfar63hwbe@icbm.jekde



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