Locations and Accommodation

ICBM locations at Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg

The summer school will be held at the ICBM facilities in Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg, northwest Germany.

Participants will live in the ICBM guest house in Wilhelmshaven which is located directly next to the institute. It provides multi-bed rooms (2-6 beds) and a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering. Breakfast and dinners should be prepared jointly by participants. Otherwise restaurants and snack bars are found in the neighbourhood. Lunches will either be provided (Wilhelmshaven) or we will have lunch in the university canteen (Oldenburg). We consider the social interaction among participants with  different nationalities and diverse schientific and cultural background as an important aspect of the summer school.

The first week summer school programme will take place in at ICBM Wilhelmshaven. It is starting and end point for the excursions and sampling tours. Also sample preparations and lab work during the first week as well as the lectures will take place here.

In the second week advanced scientific instrumentation at ICBM in Oldenburg will be used. We will provide transport to Oldenburg and back (3 days, 45 min one way) by cars or busses. Further, we will have the final presentations and the farewell babecue in Oldenburg.

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