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EngSTS - Specialization Systems Engineering

Focus Systems Engineering

EngSTS - Study Specialization "Systems Engineering"

The specialization provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge for the analysis, conception and development of large cooperative networks of safety-critical socio-technical systems. These large systems of systems often do not have clear system boundaries. The specialization enables students to recognize, analyze and describe the relationships and interactions between individual subsystems, system properties, and the system as a whole. This applies to technical subsystems as well as to people as actors equally and includes as subsystems those system classes that are conveyed in connection with the other specializations of the degree program. The specialization picks up the learned skills of technical understanding of students in system and component development, which is taught in the joint part of the degree program and extends their competences to a holistic system understanding. The students acquire the necessary design methods for the overall system design regarding safety and reliability requirements. Further, the students learn methods of system analysis and description as well as design with special consideration of human and technical system components of a socio-technical system. They evolve a systemic perspective on social and technical relationships and their interaction. They acquire competence in the areas of production, traffic or medical applications and learn how safety and efficiency requirements must be met.

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