Members of the InterGK during the last funding period

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Members from Oldenburg

  name email working area
  Bach, Jörg-Hendrik Medical Physics
Beutelmann, Rainer
Dipl. Phys.
Medical Physics
Modelling the Influence of Room Acoustics on Speech Intelligibility in Noise for Hearing Impaired Subjects
Brell, Melina
Dipl. Inf.
Division Automation and
Measurement Technologies
Bild Cerquera, Alexander

Institute for Chemistry and Biology
of the Marine Environment

Analysis of Multielectrode Data from Retinal Ganglion Cells Applying Nonlinear Dynamics and Information Theory

Bild Colonius, Hans
Prof. Dr.
Bild Dietz, Mathias Medical Physics
Bild Dolležal, Lena-Vanessa

Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group

The auditory streaming effect in humans and gerbils in the perception of amplitude modulated signals

  Donker, Petra Neurobiology
Bild Ennen, Wiebke

Neurosensory Sciences

Cryptochromes and their potential role in the magnetic compass of migratory birds 

Epp, Bastian

Neurosensorik / Acoustics Group

Modelling auditory object perception using nonlinear signal-
processing strategies with feedback

  Ewert, Stephan Medical Physics
Bild Feudel, Ulrike
Prof. Dr.
Institute for Chemistry and Biology
of the Marine Environment
Bild Fredelake, Stefan
Dipl.-Ing. (FH), M. Sc.

Institute of Hearing Technology and Audiology / University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg

HansHansen Hansen, Hans

Acoustics Group

Modeling pitch perception in technical and artificial sounds 

Hein, Andreas
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Division Automation and
Measurement Technologies
Heise, Stephan Neurosensorik

Spectral and temporal effects in modulation perception
Bild Hilgen, Gerrit Neurobiology

Physiology and function of horizontal cells in the mouse retina

Hohmann, Volker
Dr. rer. nat.
Medical Physics
  Juárez Paz, León Mauricio

Sensory Physiology

Retinal Ensemble Coding under Dynamic Conditions

Bild Kishkinev, Dmitry Animal Navigation Group
Klinge, Astrid
Dipl. Biol.
Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group
Importance of spatial and spectral cues for auditory scene analysis of the auditory system of gerbils
Klink, Karin
Dipl. Biol.
Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group

The role of inhibition in auditory processing of the mouse
Klump, Georg
Prof. Dr.
Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group
Kollmeier, Birger
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med.
Medical Physics
  Kretschmer, Friedrich  
Kretzberg, Jutta
Juniorprof. Dr.
Langemann, Ulrike
Dr. rer. nat.
Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group
Dipl. Biol.
Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group

Mechanisms of sound localization in the Mongolian Gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus)
Mauermann, Manfred
Dr. rer. nat.
Medical Physics
Mellert, Volker
Prof. Dr.
Acoustics Group
Mertins, Alfred
Prof. Dr.
Signal Processing Group
Mouritsen, Henrik
Animal Navigation Group
Nitschmann,Marc Medical Physics

Modeling inattention and across-frequency processing in binaural signal processing
Papakonstantinou, Alexandra Medical Physics
  Röhl, Markus Medical Physics
Schaer, Timm  
Bild Seeba, Folkert

Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group

Temporal Induction in the European Starling

de Sevilla, Luis Perez   Neurobiology

Amacrine cells of the mouse retina
Steenken, Rike Neurocognition

Psychophysical investigation of unconscious cross-modal priming
Strahl, Stefan
Dipl. Math./Inf. MSc.
Signal Processing Group

Efficient coding of natural sounds

Trümpler, Jennifer
Dr. rer. nat. 


Horizontal Cells in the Mouse Retina: Physiology and Function
Uppenkamp, Stefan
Dr. rer. nat.
Medical Physics
Verhey, Jesko
Juniorprof. Dr.
Weiler, Reto
Prof. Dr.
Weerda, Riklef
Cognitive Neurobiology­

The Human Primary Visual Cortex and its Role in Visual Awareness and Visual Search
Zokoll, Melanie
Dipl. Biol.
Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group

Auditory memory in songbirds and humans

Members from Groningen

Albers, Frans W J
Bekkering, Harold
Blaj, Gabriel
Boucard, Joyce
Cornelissen, Frans W.
Curcic, Branislava
de Jong, Ritske
de Kleine, Emile
Dhar, Monica
Duifhuis, H.
Gerrits, Peter
Hoiting, Gerke J.
Holstege, Gert
Horst, Wiebe
HUQ speech technology
Izhar, Zofiet
Kok, Lambrecht P.
Kooijman, Aart
Kortekaas, Ruud
Leenders, Nico
Luiten, Paul
Maguire, Paul
Mastebroek, Henk
Maurits, Natasha
Mulder, Ben
Mulder, Theo
Nerbonne, John
Oberwinkler, Johannes
Paans, Anne
Petkov, Nikolay
Reinders, Simone
Renken, Remco
Roerdink, Jos
Ruytjens, L.
Smid, Dick
Stavenga, Doekele
Taatgen, Niels
Tomaskovic, Sonja
Vaalburg, Wim
van den Bosch, Rob
van der Graaf, Ferdinand
van Netten, Sietse
van Zonneveld, Ron
Visser, Rob
Wiersinga, Esther
Wijers, Berry
Willemsen, Anton
Wit, Hero P.
Zwarts, Frans

Alumni from Oldenburg

  name ­ former working area
Åkerfelt, Annika Neurocognition

Visual-Tactile Stop Signal Inhibition
Ammermüller, Josef Neurobiology
  Anemüller, Jörn n/a
  Arndt, Petra Psychology
Baumann, Ingo Acoustics Group
Bee, Mark
Zoophysiology & Behaviour Group
  Brucke, Matthias Embedded Hardware &
Software Systems Group
Buschermöhle, Michael Institute for Chemistry and Biology
of the Marine Environment

Neurosensory Modeling of Signal Detection in Comodulated Stimuli
Buss, Sandra Acoustics Group

Temporal and spectral analysis of acoustical signals by calculating contours
  Dicke, Ulrike Medical Physics

Neural models of modulation frequency analysis
Diederich, Adele
Prof. Dr.
Emiroglu, Suzan Medical Physics

Auditory object recognition in normal (NH) and hearing-impaired listeners (HI) - Psychoacoustic measurements and modeling
  Ewert, Stephan Medical Physics

Auditory spectro-temporal processing in the envelope-frequency domain: Experiments and models
Fobel, Sandra Medical Physics

Relation between sensorineural hearing impairment and steady-state amplitude modulation following responses
  Garcia, José Ignacio Vallines Neurocognition

Modulation of neural activity in Human visual cortex during saccade programming
  Hoiting, Gerke J. Medical Physics
Greenlee, Mark
Prof. Dr.
Greschner, Martin Neurobiology

The temporal structure of retinal ganglion cell activity during natural stimulation, especially during eye movements
  Kirchner, Holle Neurocognition
Junius, Dirk Medical Physics

Temporal and spatial aspects hearing as revealed by auditory evoked potentials
  Kleinschmidt, Michael n/a
  Krajsek, Kai Institute for Chemistry and Biology
of the Marine Environment

Classification of the neuronal response to complex acoustic signals
  Meyer, Ronny Medical Physics

Models for localization and separation of sound signals based on statistics of binaural and monaural signal features.
Müller, Alexandra  
Nebel, Wolfgang
Prof. Dr.
Embedded Hardware &
Software Systems Group
Nix, Johannes Medical Physics

Localization and Separation of concurrent Talkers based on Principles of Auditory Scene Analysis and multi-dimensional Statistical Methods
  Oey, Handy Acoustics Group

Development of a model of vibration perception based on psychophysics and physiology of the somatosensory system
  Rademacher, Jan Signal Processing Group
  Rutschmann, R. M. Neurocognition
  Sarker, Bodhisatya Embedded Hardware &
Software Systems Group

Design of low power hearing aid chip
Schubert, Timm Neurobiology

Different retinal neural networks express distinct connexins
  Schulz, Arne Embedded Hardware &
Software Systems Group

Classification scheme for IP-componenents to enable power modelling
Schütte, Frank Neurobiology

Identification and characterization of retinoic acid-binding proteins in the fish retina
  Segger-Junius, Mailin Neurobiology

Characterization of the dendritic localization of the shank1-mRNA
  d'Souza, Prashanth n/a
  Steinbrink, Claudia Neurocognition

Phonological and inflectional errors in the spontaneous speech of children with impaired and unimpaired hearing
  Vormann, Matthias Acoustics Group
  Zhou, Huan
Signal Processing Group

H2 and H8 Optimal Design of Multirate Filter Bank Systems
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