Prof. Dr. Barbara Moschner

Prof. Dr. Maja Brückmann

Arndt, Nicolas

Bui, Phuong Mai

Holzapfel, Dr. Marisa Alena

Ohmes, Laura

Jeromin, Lina Marie

Schlesier, Dr. Juliane


EARLI SIG11 Conference 2022

Digital Transformation in Teacher Education

  21st June 2022 Pre-conference (JURE)
22nd - 24th June 2022 Main-conference (SIG 11)
Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany

The SIG 11 "Teaching and Teacher Education" of EARLI - the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction - invites researchers to join the 2022 conference in Oldenburg and to present and discuss their recent research. The SIG 11 conference offers a platform for fostering the scientific discourse on current topics of high-quality teacher education research, which is meaningful for practice and may facilitate teacher education in all phases of a professional career.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Oldenburg (Old.)!


The 2022 conference theme of the EARLI SIG11 is

"Digital Transformation in Teacher Education"

Rapid changes in information and computer technology (ICT) affect learning in schools and universities. Children now have access to ICT early in their life. This experience influences learning and instruction in schools and universities. Teachers need specific knowledge about educational technologies and about an efficient and beneficial implementation into classroom practice. University teachers need to develop didactical methods to enable future teachers to enrich their teaching with ICT. We need to support and educate teachers who can educate the next generation of lawyers, plumbers, doctors, carpenters, and teachers in the best possible way considering the challenges of the digital transformation in almost every aspect of school and university life. To do so requires that we learn more about the impact of digital transformations on teaching and learning in schools and in teacher education programs. Research-based contributions to the conference theme, as well as to other relevant questions of teaching and teacher education are welcome. 

We are looking forward to warmly welcome you to Oldenburg soon!


Registration is scheduled for the fall of 2021.


Conference convenor:

  • Barbara Moschner, Department of Educational Sciences, University of Oldenburg

International organizing committee:

  • Tova Michalsky, Bar-Ilan University, SIG 11 coordinator
  • Clara Kuhn, University of Salzburg, JURE coordinator SIG 11 

Local organizing committee:

  • Maja Brückmann, Department of Educational Sciences
  • Juliane Schlesier, Department of Educational Sciences
  • Marisa Alena Holzapfel, Department of Educational Sciences
  • Laura Ohmes, Department of Educational Sciences
  • Nicolas Arndt, Department of Educational Sciences
  • Phuong Mai Bui, student assistant
  • Lina Marie Jeromin, student assistant
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