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5 - 9 Oct. 
International Orientation Week
(mostly online meetings)

12 Oct., 4 pm, online

"Welcome to EuGl" Meeting


Contact Details

Lea Brenningmeyer

University of Oldenburg
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114–118
D-26129 Oldenburg

Room: A06 2-226
Phone: +49(0)441 798-2009
eMail: eugl(at)uijivol.d+pe (euglgfn@uoytl.dcan5jere+au)

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European Studies in Global Perspectives (EuGl)

Coronavirus / Covid-19

Due to the Corona crisis, the winter semester will start on 19 October 2020 as a "hybrid" semester featuring both online and classroom-based teaching. If you need help with your course selection or have any further questions, please contact the EuGl coordinator via email.

For more information on the coronavirus for students of the University of Oldenburg, please check this website:

European Studies in Global Perspectives (EuGl)

EuGl: A Semester Programme for International Students at the
University of Oldenburg

Like to know more?

Like to learn more about Europe? Like to deepen your knowledge on its many different and diverse societies, economies, languages, cultures? Like to explore Europe's multiple entanglements with the world?

For advanced BA- and MA-students who plan to spend their time abroad at the University of Oldenburg, we are offering a study programme in the field of European Studies.

What is it all about?

The programme can be studied either for one or for two semesters, with at least 24 credit points per semester.

It incorporates modules on different developments, issues and key aspects in European societies, economies, and cultures, both present and past. The main language of instruction is English.

According to your individual preferences, you can opt for modules in one out of two thematic clusters: "Society, Economy, and Politics" or "Languages, Cultures, and Education." For further information please click here.

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