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Study Areas

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Study sites of TEMPO are situated in Bremen and Berlin. Bremen Bremen is a hanseatic city in the north-western part of germany of about 542 000 inhabitants. It is a traditonal seaport and trading town with several old industial areas and railway sites, parts of which are currently abonded. Additionally, new industrial and logistic sites are built up in former grassland araes. Study sites have been chosen on brownfields within the industrial areas decribed below. Impressions Airport / Ochtum This area is characterized by more than 50 years of industrial use. Most of the study sites are located on former developed areas. Former Overseas Port The area of the Former Oversea Port is on the one hand characterized by old railway sites (tracks and ballast ave been removed), on the other hand by a former port basin (Overseas Port), which is now filled up with sabulous material to serve as foundation soil for a planned development. Former Depot This site of about two ha is located next to the main train station of Bremen. It is a former depot which has been abonded since about 1997. Ballast and tracks are mostly still present.


The industrial area of Niedervieland has been created by filling up humid grasslands with sabulous material about 13 years ago. Today it comprises a logistic center formed by various transport companys and a few industrial production facilities. The TEMPO studys ites are located on brownfield plots, which are currently still undeveloped. Northern Industrial Park The Northern Industrial Park is located next to the steel mill of Bremen. The sites formerly belonged to the steel mill area, serving as possible, undeveloped extension sites for the steel mill. A few years ago, the area has been sold to the city of Bremen and is developed by filling up with sand to build up a new industrial park. Study sites are located, as in Niedervieland, on undeveloped plots.

Location of study sites in Bremen

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