Welcome to the LEDA Traitbase

A database on the life history traits of the Northwest European flora

The LEDA Traitbase provides information on plant traits that describe three key features of plant dynamics: persistence, regeneration and dispersal.

The following traits are currently accessible via the query application:
Age of first flowering, Branching, Bud bank seasonality and vertical distribution, Canopy height, Leaf distribution, Leaf dry matter content, Leaf mass, Leaf size, Plant growth form, Plant life span, Releasing height, Seed mass, Seed number per shoot, Shoot growth form, Specific leaf area, Terminal velocity, Woodiness

Please use this link to download the data.

Should you experience problems please contact us at support_at_leda-traitbase.org (replace _at_ by @).

To get detailed information about the LEDA traits and methods of data collection, please refer to the data standards.

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How to cite the LEDA Traitbase



Secretariat hosted by:

Landscape Ecology Group of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany

Funded by:

The European Union 5th Framework Programme for Research within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme

Supported and maintained by:

The German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

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