Tina Grummel, Project Coordinator

+49 (0)441 798-2457

Intercultural training

The Intercultural Training is for students planning to go abroad for their studies or to work internationally, it is also for returning students from their time abroad who’d like to reflect on what they’ve experienced. It also addresses international students and students with an immigration background who’d like to learn more about intercultural misunderstandings.

After discussing the concept of „culture” this intercultural training will start with an introduction to models of communication as well as methods and strategies for tackling often inevitable intercultural misunderstandings. We will be dealing with what our value system means and will talk about perception and change of perspective.

Even though taking place online the training sessions are interactive and experience oriented which is especially enticing as students from all three universities, the University of Groningen (Netherlands), the Nelson Mandela University (South Africa) and the University of Oldenburg (Germany), will be taking part. This will allow for intercultural encounters and exchange.

The online training is in English and entails 3 sessions with 2 hours each. The next training will be taking place on 16 December 2022 from 10 am.

(Changed: 21 Dec 2022)