Tina Grummel, Project Coordinator

+49 (0)441 798-2457

International Diversity Forum on Teacher Education November 2021

In different formats and with multiple methodologies, the International Diversity Forum on Teacher Education will be concerned with the complex effects of the pandemic induced turn towards online media in teacher education. The Forum will be a site of articulating, discussing and reflecting on both the potentials of this “digital turn” and the challenges that it has confronted us with.

We will elucidate e.g. how digitalization as a response to Covid-19 has been affecting the use of language in teaching, which languages are represented (or neglected) in virtual environments; who benefits from online teaching methods, and who is left behind and for what particular reasons; among other things, we will shed light on the challenges of gathering practical experience in times in which social interaction is restricted to the virtual realm, and will ask which lessons can be learned for the design of an online pedagogy after the pandemic.

The Forum will include teachers and students from the Universities of Groningen (the Netherlands), Oldenburg (Germany) and Nelson Mandela University (South Africa).

The three workshop days on 12, 19 and 26 November will each center on one of the foci of the project:

  • Language in Education/ Multilingualism
  • Inclusion
  • Teacher Education/ Training
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