Tina Grummel, Project Coordinator

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Steering Committee

The project‘s steering committee consists of faculty from the universities involved, i.e. the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (RUG), Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth), South Africa (NMU) and the German University of Oldenburg (UOL) plus the project coordinator.

Prof. Dr. Martin Butler (UOL)

Martin Butler is Professor of American Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. His research centers on popular culture and its mobilities, with a particular focus on popular music in a range of different historical and regional contexts. He is also interested in cultural representations of migration and diversity and in cultures of participation, specifically in new media environments.

Prof. Dr. Ulla Licandro (UOL)

Ulla Licandro is Professor of Heterogeneity and Diversity Under Special Consideration of Inclusive Educational Contexts at the Department of Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation. Prior to joining UOL, Prof. Licandro completed her studies in Germany (TU Dortmund), Hungary (ELTE Budapest) and the United States (University of Iowa) and was a pre- and postdoctoral researcher at Leibniz University Hannover as well as a visiting scholar at Ohio State University.

Prof. Licandro’s research focuses on language acquisition and interaction in educational settings. Of particular interest are ways of diagnosing and supporting language acquisition at the interface of multilingualism, social disadvantages, and impairments in order to establish and improve participation for all.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Speck (UOL)

Affiliation: School of Educational and Social Sciences, University of Oldenburg

Academic Focus

  • Research Methods
  • Multiprofessional Cooperation
  • School Absenteeism
  • Cooperation Youth Welfare Services and Schools
  • Participation and Service Learning
  • Higher Education Research
  • Research-based Learning

Tina Grummel (UOL)

Tina Grummel, Project coordinator, University of Oldenburg, Germany

Prof. Nokhanyo Mdzanga (NMU)

Nokhanyo Nomakhwezi Mdzanga is an Associate Professor and deputy dean in the Faculty of Education at Nelson Mandela University. Her area of expertise is in language education, in particular, multilingualism and the teaching of English to second language speakers and isiXhosa to third of fourth language speakers.

Dr. Muki Moeng (NMU)

Dr Muki Moeng is Executive Dean in the Faculty of Education at Nelson Mandela University. She is Chair of the Faculty of Education Dean’s Forum and a member of the Council on Higher Education. Her research interests are in the scholarship of teaching and learning, school-based learning, social justice and humanising pedagogy.

Dr. Heloise Sathorar (NMU)

Dr. Heloise Sathorar is the Head of Department for Secondary School Education (PGCE and BEd SP & FET) in the Faculty of Education at the Nelson Mandela University. Her research interest includes critical pedagogy, teacher education, higher education and critical community engagement. She has also done research in Accounting Education, and Entrepreneurship Education. Her most recent work is: Decolonizing the colonized mindset: Reflecting on lecturer dispositions to decolonize teacher education (JOE).

Prof. Dr. Marije Michel (RUG)

Prof Marije Michel is chair of Language Learning within the Department of European Languages and Cultures (ELC) at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Born and raised in Switzerland by Dutch parents, she studied Dutch and German at Utrecht University and the Free University Berlin. In 2011 she defended her PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam based on a research project focusing on Turkish and Moroccan learners of Dutch as a second language (L2). After a teaching fellowship at Tubingen University and a postdoc at Mannheim University, Marije moved to the UK where she became a lecturer for L2 learning and teaching at Lancaster University. In 2018, Marije joined the University of Groningen where she now supervises the teaching of eight languages taught within the ELC programme: Dutch, German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Marije's research and teaching focuses on cognitive and interactive aspects of second language acquisition and task-based language pedagogy. Her recent work looks into teaching material and task design; uses eye-tracking to investigate cognitive processes of L2 writing, in particular, in digital contexts (e.g., text chat); and examines student motivation to learn other languages than English (LOTE), specifically German and French in the Netherlands.

Dr. Dik W. Maandag (RUG)

Dik W. Maandag (1959) studied Educational Sciences at the University of Groningen (UG). He worked as a researcher and lecturer at the department of Educational Sciences from 1986-2000. His main domain of expertise concerned curriculum theory, teaching and leaning and education in international comparative perspective. From 2000-2010 Maandag was employed at the Institute for Teacher Education at UG as lecturer/researcher and project leader. During this period he participated in (international) projects on curriculum design and innovation in teacher education. The last decade he concentrated on effectiveness of professional development interventions for teachers. From 2010-2020 Maandag was active as the managing director of the UG programme for teacher education and nowadays he acts as senior policy advisor and project leader.

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