Book a Prof

Book a Prof

The Institute of Mathematics offers the opportunity to present modern mathematical problems and the Institute's current research areas to pupils in lectures. For this purpose, the lecturers visit the interested schools and give a lecture there, which lasts about one school hour, but also offers the opportunity to ask questions about the mathematics degree programme. If you are interested, please contact the lecturers directly to arrange an appointment.

Possible lecture topics:

Daniel Grieser:
- Darn, why is that not possible? Impossibility proofs in mathematics
- Problem-solving strategies in mathematics

Florian Heß:
- How does cryptography work?
- Computer algebra - exact mathematics with the computer

Angelika May:
- Managing risk mathematically - How does mathematics work in study and work?

Andreas Stein:
- Top secret! How do you do it today?
- Number-theoretical gimmicks
- What does it have to do with cryptography?

Hannes Uecker:
- Fast internet - the mathematics of fibre optic cables
- shock waves and traffic jams

Dietmar Pfeifer
- Shares, derivatives, arbitrage: An introduction to modern financial mathematics
- What is an actuary and what does he do in an insurance company?

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