Prof. Dr. Daniel Grieser

Prof. Dr. Daniel Grieser

Institut für Mathematik 
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
D-26111 Oldenburg

Tel.: 49-441-798 3230
(Sekr.: -3247, Fax: -3004)
daniel.grtsieseb1bbr(aurst)uni-oldenburg.kmide (dajw51fnieejl.gpmriebiaser@uol.41yde) 

Büro: Campus Oldenburg-Wechloy,
Carl von Ossietzky Straße, W1 2-209



Currently my main research interests are in partial differential equations, geometry of singular spaces and global analysis. Further mathematical interests include mathematical physics, differential geometry and combinatorics.

Veröffentlichungen/Publications and Preprints

Vorträge, Notizen/Talks, Notes etc.

Neuere Arbeiten/Recent papers:

Scales, blow-up and quasimode constructions, in: Geometric and Computational Spectral Theory, A. Girouard et al, eds, Contemp. Math. 700, AMS, 207-266 (2017), arXiv.

The exponential map at a cuspidal singularity (mit V. Grandjean), J. R. Angew. Math.


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