Prof. Dr. Christiane Richter-Landsberg



Glial cells as targets and producers of neurotrophins.
Althaus HH, Richter-Landsberg C.; Int Rev Cytol. 2000;197:203-77. Review.
Glial cells fulfill important tasks within the neural network of the central and peripheral nervous systems. The synthesis and secretion of various polypeptidic factors (cytokines) and a number of receptors, with which glial cells are equipped, allow them to communicate with their environment. Evidence has accumulated during recent years that neurotrophins play an important role not only for neurons but also for glial cells. This brief update of some morphological, immunocytochemical, and biochemical characteristics of glial cell lineages conveys our present knowledge about glial cells as targets and producers of neurotrophins under normal and pathological conditions. The chapter discusses the presence of neurotrophin receptors on glial cells, glial cells as producers of neurotrophins, signaling pathways downstream Trk and p75NTR, and the significance of neurotrophins and their receptors for glial cells during development, in cell death and survival, and in neurological disorders.

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