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Abt. Neuropsychologie
Department für Psychologie
Fakultät VI - Medizin und
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List of Master’s and Bachelor’s theses that were completed in our lab.If not indicated otherwise the primary supervisor of a project was a member of the Neuropsychology lab.

Master’s theses

Matthias Selisky (2014): “Comparison of a mobile scalp EEG System with a mobile in-the-ear EEG system using a P300 auditory oddball paradigm.”

Micha Lundbeck (2014): „A comparison of a mobile scalp EEG system and an in-ear EEG system using a P300 speller paradigm“

Maren Stropahl (2014): „Neuronal Correlates of Visual Information Processing in Cochlear Implant Users“

Irina Schierholz (2014): „Feasibility of humanoid robot feedback for motor imagery training“

Catharina Zich (2013): „Wireless EEG with individual electrode positions facilitates motor imagery training“

Niclas Braun (2013): „Electrophysiological investigation of the Self-Alert-Training for sustained attention deficits“

Ariane Sölle (2013): „ Effects of the biofeedback-based Self-Alert Training on sustained attention: an EEG study focusing on P300 and ERN“(primary supervisor H. Hildebrandt)

Katharina Gandras (2013): „Towards a mobile auditory brain-computer interface: Exploring P300 classification in outdoor situations“

Merle Richter (2013): „Memory rehabilitation by means of working memory training and exercises in word fluency and semantic structuring” (primary supervisor H. Hildebrandt)

Anja Lindig (2013): „Influence of Sex Hormonal Modulation on Hemispheric Asymmetries and Event-related Potentials in the Attentional Blink“

Manuela Hagen (2013): „EEG-Korrelate zeitlicher Aufmerksamkeitsoszillation im auditorischen System“

BAchelor Theses

Markus Kroesen (2013): „Vergleich verschiedener EEG-Verstärker zur Steuerung von Brain-Computer Interfaces“

Andreas Brisch (2012): „Entwicklung von Stimulus-Material zur Untersuchung der visuellen Sprachwahrnehmung von Normalhörenden und Cochlea-Implantat Trägern“

Irina Schierholz (2012): „Östrogentheraphie bei postmenopausalen Frauen interhemisphärische Transferzeit – Eine EEG-Studie“

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