NLK organizing committee

Burçin Amet

0441 798 4772

Marina Frank

0441 798 3346

Nadine Pirsch

0441 798 1506

Information for Presenters


A talk should be 20 minutes long, followed by a ten-minute discussion. Talks are delivered synchronously via the BigBlueButton (BBB) video conferencing platform.


We have scheduled two poster sessions for the NLK, each lasting 60 minutes. These will take place via the platform. In addition, we would like to hold a “poster slam” before each poster session, in which each poster will be presented in a maximum of 2 minutes. This way, we would like to offer all presenters the opportunity to introduce their topic to the plenary, in order to then be able to enter into the discussion at the poster. Therefore, we ask all poster presenters to prepare two to three PowerPoint slides for the poster slam, which will be shown during their poster slam. Please send us your poster and the slides as PDF files by March 31, 2022.


Contributions are welcome in German as well as in English.


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