Summer term 2011

Softskill Courses - summer term 2011

Scientific Writing "How to publish in peer-reviewed journals"

 13-15 July 2011; 9.00 - 17.00

Why attend this training?

If you are currently preparing or writing a paper for an international peer-reviewed journal this 3-day comprehensive training is ideal for you. During the training, you will improve your manuscript in progress or draft concrete ideas for a manuscript. The training takes you from planning and preparing to writing and submitting a paper. You learn the relevant writing techniques to substantially improve the quality of your paper and lead it through to publication success.

What you learn?

The training provides an in-depth explanation of key aspects of peer-reviewed publishing. You learn step-by-step how to write a manuscript that gets published. Your particular training benefits are: 

  • to set up a publication strategy to increase publication output of your research activities
  • to develop a detailed paper plan for your current paper in progress
  • to draft main sections of your manuscript
  • to know for each section what it needs to include
  • to know how to identify a suitable journal for your paper submission
  • to know how to respond to editors and reviewers
  • to get answers on your individual questions regarding paper writing
  • to have clear instructions for completing your manuscript after the training
  • to submit your manuscript following up on the concrete suggestions of the training

Who should attend?

Authors who:

  • are currently preparing or writing a manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal.
  • got manuscripts rejected.
  • want to significantly increase the success rate of papers they submit to peer-reviewed journals.

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The moderation method and its various techniques

Barbara Kosuch

Cancelled !!!
(25-26 August 2011; 9.00-17.00)

If you are still interested in the course, please write an e-mail immediatly.

Project work, teamwork and meetings of all kinds challenge us to achieve concrete results in a limited time with various people, preferably using the experience and potential of everyone. The results achieved should be supported by every group member and then be implemented. The moderation method with its various techniques may provide an important contribution to this process.

This workshop will give an insight into the moderation method and provides opportunities for practical testing. You will gain experience by designing and implementing your own moderation and then reflecting it.

A structured feedback will serve to strengthen the appropriate steps and gain ideas and suggestions for practical implementation in everyday life.

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Strategies and Tools for Career Planning in Academia and Industry

Laetitia Godineau


(8-9 September 2011; 9.00-17.00)

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In this workshop, participants will get an overview of the steps they need to plan and manage their career. Using career advising tolls, they will identify their individual strengths and relfect about their weaknesses and the skills to be developed in the future.

They will have the opportunity to further define their individual goals and to design a development and action plan.

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Project Management

Barbara Kosuch

22-23 September 2011; 9.00-17.00

In this workshop, PhD-students will have the opportunity to get an unterstanding of project management and its techniques. Individually or in small groups you will analyse the project context, set objectives, structure your project and define criteria to evaluate it. You reflect your own skills of working in and leading project teams.

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