Winter term 2012/13

Winter term 2012/13

Workshop: Reconstruction of Causality from Multivariate Time Series

A one day workshop on "Reconstruction of Causality from Multivariate Time Series" will take place

Wednesday  March 27th, 8:30 - 19:00 in W01 0 -015. The topic is of interest for applied researchers in different fields. While many of the current applications are found in the field of neuroscience (EEG, fMRI) there have also been recent attempts to apply this method of empirical data analysis to environmental time series (climate data, marine biogeochemistry). Invited speakers were asked to present concepts and methodological details at a comprehensible level, however, mathematical formulations will be met wherever precision is necessary. More information (outline of the topic, programme, abstracts) and registration can be found under the webpage:

Advanced Presentation Techniques

Prof. Henrik Mouritsen

Winter term 2012, 4 days

Pre-Meeting for this course:

Monday, 22nd October 2012
W 10, Bauernhaus, AG Mouritsen

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Project Management  for Natural Scientists

Barbara Kosuch

17-18 October 2012; 9.00-17.00 - fully booked

In this workshop, PhD-students will have the opportunity to get an unterstanding of project management and its techniques. Individually or in small groups you will analyse the project context, set objectives, structure your project and define criteria to evaluate it. You reflect your own skills of working in and leading project teams.

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