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Tamara Schnell

Tamara Schnell

Project Researcher at "WindGISKI"

Scientific Research Interests:

  • Organisational fields and institutions
  • Transition processes in the energy sector
  • Governance of energy transitions in a multi-level system
  • Social and technological Innovation systems

PhD project:

My PhD project is part of the research project WindGISKI. Here, an interdisciplinary team is developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-based geographic information system (GIS). This is intended to systematize and automate the identification and evaluation process of potential areas for wind energy. The GIS should not only consider technical, geographical and economic potentials of possible wind energy areas, but also include ecological and social factors. In the subproject in which I am writing my cumulative dissertation, a qualitative case study analysis of at least six completed wind energy projects will be conducted. The investigated projects are selected with the help of a previously conducted expert-based area scoring and represent "best" or "worst cases". The course of these wind energy projects is analyzed in terms of their social dynamics and conflict lines. The goal is to understand specific influencing factors, interaction dynamics, and processes that positively or negatively affect the efficient implementation of a wind energy project.


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