AG Didactics of Chemistry

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Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Didactics of Chemistry P.O. Box 5634 26046 Oldenburg

Teacher training

ChemOL training courses

Fire and combustion, water and salt, air and carbon dioxide as well as substances in everyday life - the ChemOL school laboratory has a lot of variety to offer. Within the framework of further training, we would like to offer teachers an opportunity to carry out experiments from the school laboratory themselves with their classes in science lessons.

In our training courses, you will get to know a selection of the experiments, can try out experiments yourself (under supervision) and use the extensive package of materials in a variety of ways for your subsequent lesson planning.

We are also happy to come to your school to conduct the training with your entire teaching staff, just contact .

Further information

For more detailed information on upcoming events, contact the LFBZ NordWest.

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