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News from PPRE / Oldenburg University

EMRE 2018-19 - MSc-projects

List of recent MSc-thesis projects from EMRE-students (2018-2019)

Name Vorname Land specialisation Projects-Institution, Venue title / topic
Adnan Muhammad Pakistan Grid Integration Belectric, Dresden Study of the electrical power System of Mauretania, certain grid conditions, and the potential improvement regarding grid stability and therefore the security of supply due to the usage of BESS
Biswas Suraj India Grid Integration Fundación Circe, Zaragossa, Spain System Protection of Electrical Networks
Bowatte Darshana Ruwan Kumara Sri Lanka Grid Integration OFFIS, Oldenburg Modeling of distributions grid dynamics for digital twin application
Delocco Villa Coutinho Renata Brazil Wind Energy Forwind, Oldenburg Quantifying the financial benefits of an improved very short-term wind farm power forecast in Germany
Fox Brooklyn USA Ocean Energy Institute Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal Design of an oscillating water column wave energy converter for integration in breakwaters
Jaishankar Sharukumar India Wind Energy 2-B Energy Holding B.V.
Hengelo, The Netherlands
The Design and evaluation of 2BX rotor lock system
Jantke Florian Germany Ocean Energy Corpower Ocean, Stockholm, Sweden Design of a High Speed Gear Rack Bellow for a Wave Energy Converter
Kozuch Matthew USA  / Ireland  Grid Integration Tacoma Power, Washington, US Energy demand analysis and hybrid energy system simulation of indoor cannabis cultivators in Tacoma, WA
Mohammad Fiaz Mohammad Zeeshan India Solar Thermal  TNO-SEAC, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Analysis of the colored solar collectors and investigation of the performance of collectors at night
Moreno Mora Aura Daniela Colombia Wind Energy Fraunhofer IWES, Oldenburg Lifetime extension analysis of wind turbine blades from 1Hz wind measurements
Nagareddy Sai Ram India Wind Energy Fraunhofer IWES, Bremerhaven Enhancing The Aerodynamic Efficiency Of An Aeroelastic Rotor Model For Real-Time Applications 
Shahzadeh Mehran Iran Wind Energy Fraunhofer IWES, Oldenburg Simulation of Resin infusion Manufactoring processes for Wind Turbine blades 
Willoughby Mark Nigeria Wind Energy ENERCON, Aurich Towards the refinement of BEM modelling by use of Lifting Line Theory
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