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News from PPRE / Oldenburg University

  • Minigrid operated by MLINDA Foundation in Gumla District of Jharkhand, India (photo credit: D. Boruah, GSES India)

International Online Seminar: Mini-Grids in the Global South

We are happy to announce the first International Online Seminar „Mini-Grids in the Global South“, starting on 20 November 2020.

The seminar is organised in cooperation with:

This online seminar provides the participants with theoretical and applied knowledge about the implementation of mini-grids in developing countries. Numerous international experts will share their expertise in the field of planning, implementation and operation of mini-grids in different geographical contexts. Besides the technical concepts, the seminar covers economic, ecological, social and political aspects and their contribution to rural development in the respective countries.
The seminar will be offered to students and alumni of various DAAD supported development-related postgraduate programmes, including the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) and European Master in Renewable Energy (EMRE) offered by the university of Oldenburg. A total of about 70 to 90 participants are expected.


Participation is free of charge. Registration for the event ended on 15 November 2020.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at in case of any questions.


Please have a look at the detailed seminar programme: Download Programme (Updated 2020-12-03)

Day 1: Friday, 20 November 2020

Day 4: Saturday 28 November 2020

Welcome and opening


Session 1: Setting the frame (120 min)
Keynote, Lectures and Workshop

Session 1: Politics of Mini-grids (90 min)

Session 2: The technology of Mini-grids (90 min)

Session 2: Project Implementation I (90 min)

Session 3: Grid-tied Mini-grids (90 min)

Session 3: Market place (60 min)
Workshop (Input from participants)

Day 2: Saturday 21 November 2020

Day 5: Friday 04 Dezember 2020

Session 1: Innovative approaches (90 min)

Session 1: Project Implementation II (90 min)

Session 2: Market place (90 min)
Workshop (Input from participants)

Key-note speech (45 min)


Session 2: Open Space (90 min)
Common ideas, exchange and collaborative discussion (Workshop)

Day 3: Friday 27 November 2020

Day 6: Saturday 05 Dezember 2020

Session 1: Socio-ecological aspects (90 min)

Session 1: Quality Assurance (120 min)



Session 2: Economics of Mini-grids (60 min)

Session 2: The way forward (90 min)
Future projects, cooperation and exchange ideas (Workshop)

Session 3: Open space (90 min)
Common ideas, exchange and collaborative discussion (Workshop)

Wrap up (60 min)
Final statements and feedback

(Changed: 2021-08-19)