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Jasmin Rehmeier
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News from PPRE / Oldenburg University

  • Jasmin Rehmeier

New PPRE-Staff

Since May 2021, Jasmin Rehmeier is replacing Sandra Schwerz in the PPRE-Office to support the PPRE administration. After 4 years of fruitful and very successful cooperation, Sandra is currently concentrating on writing her MSc thesis and will become a teacher in due course. Jasmin is presently enrolled in the Sustainability Economics and Management MSc program at Uni Oldenburg and will support the PPRE-Team for the next 2 years.

Jasmin Rehmeier joined the PPRE team in the area of administration and application support in May 2021.
In October 2020 she moved to Oldenburg and started studying the master’s program Sustainability Economics and Management. Originally, she comes from a small town near Frankfurt am Main and completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Marburg. Having already lived abroad for several months in Sweden and Canada, she appreciates the international atmosphere of the PPRE team.

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