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News from PPRE / Oldenburg University

  • Diana during OYW Summit in London

  • Expressions of OYW Summit 2019

  • Expressions of OYW Summit 2019

  • Expressions of OYW Summit 2019

The One Young World Experience!

Diana Teresa Maldonado Castro, Bolivia (PPRE 2019-21) is informung us about her outstanding, awe-inspiring and overwhelming experience gained when visiting the One Young World Summit 2019 in London, UK last year


The One Young World (OYW) Summit convenes the brightest young talent from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. Every year, delegates from more than 190+ countries are counseled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders. And at the end of the Summit, every delegate becomes a OYW Ambassador, they return to their communities and organizations with the means and motivation to make a difference, accessing the global network of 12,000+ young leaders to accelerate existing initiatives or establish new ventures.     
From the 22th to the 25th of October, I had the tremendous opportunity to be part of this immense community thanks to the BP Advancing Energy Scholarship. Yes, a renewable energy scholarship financed by BP. May sound contradictory but in fact, they were the only investors for the renewable energy community of the event and proposed a trade to mitigated the CO2 emissions of the event with their projects in carbon capture across the world.
Prior to the main event all of the BP scholarship holders had a meeting in order to meet each other. 30 young leaders were selected across the world to attend this summit and 30 representatives of BP around the world making efforts inside the company to tackle the energy transition. It is impressive how much effort some people are doing in order to encourage the energy transition and to help their communities, in the other hand, is also unbelievable the amount of investment that BP and other Oil companies are putting to meet somehow the targets of reduce CO2 emissions. But wait, we have to be clear, the investments are not enough and the efforts need to be more ambitions. However, meeting their perspectives and their works was for sure an incredible experience. 
The Summit itself! Probably one of the UK’s most international event tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as environmental security, global leadership, responsible business, mental health and social justice; and global speakers like Dr. Jane Goodall (UN Messenger of Peace), Maria Juliana Ruiz (The first lady of Colombia), Professor Muhammad Yunus (2006 Nobel Peace Laureate), Michelle Parmalee (Deloitte Global), Paul Polman (Co-Founder & Chair IMAGINE), Kumi Naiddo (Amnesty international’s Secretary General) and more than 100 other speakers during 4 exciting and challenging days.    
It is impossible to synthesize all the knowledge, all the stories and all the words that are spread in this event. It is also clear that thousands of people are making such amazing work to accelerate the times of transitions, to end the different way of injustice, to reduce the countless gaps around the world. However, more work must be done, more actions have to be developed and principally, more individual’s effort must be achieved if we all want a better place to live. 
You can also be a One Young World Ambassador and have this incredible experience. This year the summit will be held in Munich, Germany! Look for the scholarships available in the official pages of the OYW and on its social medias or even better, ask your company to join the Partners that support this event.

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