Head of division:
Dr. Anna Levke Brütt

+49 (441) 798 - 2633

Junior Research Group For Rehabilitation Science
Department of Health Services Research
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Postal address:
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg

Visitor address:
Campus Haarentor, Building V04
Ammerländer Heerstraße 140
26129 Oldenburg


Rehabilitation practical and rehabilitation scientific fields of action for psychosomatic and orthopaedic rehabilitation (ReHaFe)

By involving patients and staff in health care research, the needs of these can be addressed more precisely. Research becomes more relevant and applicable to everyday care. While internationally successful projects to identify and prioritise research topics by involving patients and their practitioners have already been carried out, this form of participation has hardly been established in Germany yet.
The aim of the project is to determine which research topics are important from the point of view of psychosomatic and orthopaedic rehabilitants and their practitioners as well as employees of the German Pension Insurance (DRV) Oldenburg-Bremen. For this reason, the study participants should initially name uncertainties in the field of  psychosomatic and orthopaedic rehabilitation in an open format. The answers will be evaluated qualitatively. In the second work phase, the participating rehabilitants, practitioners and employees of the DRV Oldenburg-Bremen will assess the relevance of this uncertanties within a priority workshop or an internet-based Delphi procedure. Furthermore, the usability of the methods will be evaluated and starting points for optimisation will be derived.
At the end of the project, lists of research topics for psychosomatic and orthopaedic rehabilitation are available. From the point of view of rehabilitants, practitioners employees of the DRV Oldenburg-Bremen these lists should be dealt with as a matter of priority.

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