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Dr. Anna Levke Brütt

+49 (441) 798 - 2633

Junior Research Group For Rehabilitation Science
Department of Health Services Research
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg

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Campus Haarentor, Building V04
Ammerländer Heerstraße 140
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DRV OL-HB: Reducing barriers to rehabilitation in the face of a requested application

Access and attitudes of patients to medical rehabilitation vary greatly. Some patients wonder what they can do to get a rehab place approved and assigned as quickly as possible. Others have only a vague or negative idea of what to expect and refuse rehabilitation. However, some patients are explicitly asked by their health insurance or the employment agency to apply for rehabilitation. New research results suggest that associated uncertainties and barriers to rehabilitation can negatively affect the success of the rehabilitation. This is where the project of the DRV Oldenburg-Bremen BASE comes in: Tailored to their specific needs, barriers, and competencies, individuals requested to apply will get better prepared for medical rehabilitation through an interactive digital platform and the support of a rehabilitation coach. The intervention's content, forms, and methods are developed patient-centered, theory- and evidence-based and made available in a modular design. The innovation is intended to increase rehabilitation motivation, success, and satisfaction in the target group.

The department of rehabilitation science at the University of Oldenburg is working with and supporting the DRV Oldenburg-Bremen in developing the innovation. Interviews and surveys of those affected are supplemented by the views of experts and existing scientific evidence. In addition, a manual will be produced that describes the barriers and characteristics relevant to the intervention in the target group and the appropriate intervention modules, their content, and presentation. The rehabilitation sciences department also conducts a process and outcome evaluation to improve the intervention and verify its impact.

Further project partners are the Marbachtalklinik Bad Kissingen, Montanus-Klinik Bad Schwalbach, Rheumaklinik Bad Wildungen, the DRV Braunschweig-Hannover, the DRV Bund as well as affected persons, the network self-help, cooperating health insurance companies and employment agencies of the regions Bremen and Weser-Ems. The pilot project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs within the federal program rehapro.

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