Dr. Janina Lange
Manager NUM Local Coordination Unit (LCU) (German: LokS)

+49 441 798-5261

V03 A307


What is the NUM?

The Network University Medicine (NUM) is a national network in which all 36 German university medical centres participate.

Originally established to deal with the Covid 19 pandemic, the NUM focuses on building a national and sustainable research infrastructure for medical research. With a focus on clinical research and healthcare research, the NUM aims to secure and support patient care, research and teaching in the current, but also in future crisis situations.

Why should I get involved in the NUM?

1. Development and establishment of infrastructures for clinical research (nationally and locally)

2. Third-party funding for conductin scientific projects
→ high approval rate of the scientific proposals

3. Networking
→ researchers have the opportunity to build a nation-wide network with renowned (medical) researchers

4. Publications
→ Authorship on paper by contributing research expertise or collected and provided data 

I am interested and would like to get involved in the NUM. How do I become part of the NUM?

There are several ways to get involved in the NUM:

  1. Scientific research projects
    This website provides information on all ongoing sub-projects of the NUM with the participation of the UMO. If you are interested in participating as a collaboration partner, please us.
  2. Discipline- and Organ-specific Working Groups (FOSA)
    The FOSAs have the intention to support and promote the (inter-)disciplinary exchange between researchers from different disciplines and medical fields. In addition, FOSA members can actively participate in shaping the NUM. If you are interested in joining or founding a FOSA, please us. You can find more information here.

What are the Local Coordintion Units (LCU)?

The Local Coordination Unit (LCU) supports the researchers by coordinating the NUM scientific projects. They are the link between Oldenburg and all its NUM members and associates and the Central Coordination Unit (CCU) in Berlin.

If you are interested in participating in the NUM or need support with an NUM project, please us.

How can the LCU support me and my project?

One of the main tasks of the LokS is to support local researchers. We are happy to assist you in your NUM research project with the following tasks:

  • Budgetmanagement
    Support with research applications, budget management. Joint preparation of all relevant documents for the proposals.
    Ensuring funding requirements
  • Preparation of projects
    Support with ethics and data protection issues and preparation of the relevant forms, documents and applications
  • Personnel management
    Support with recruitment of project personnel
  • Coordination of the projects
    Support in the communication with project, CCU or with (external) partners locally/nationally
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