Dr. Janina Lange
Manager NUM Local Coordination Unit (LCU) (German: LokS)

+49 441 798-5261

V03 A307

Local Coordination Unit (LCU)


The Local Coordination Unit (LCU) is part of the management line of the University Medicine Network. It is an essential organisational body that ensures the communication and exchange of the Oldenburg site with the subprojects and the central coordination unit (Charité-Unversitätsmedizin). The LokS are responsible for the coordination of all relevant activities of the NUM at the Oldenburg site and support the collaborative work in the cross-site projects and infrastructures.

The LCU is single point of contact for all local, NUM-associated topics and works closely with the researchers, cooperating hospitals and local institutions (e.g. MeDIC, ethics, data protection, ...).

Tasks of the LCU

1. Local/decentral coordination of the projects
- coordination of the sub-projects and infrastructures at the respective location
- budget management and monitoring
- regular exchange with all NUM partners, local and nation-wide

2. Central coordination
- single point of contact for the central coordination unit for all Oldenburg-concerning topics
- supporting the process of contract completion, with the drafting of reports, etc.

3. Building a nation-wide Network
- regular exchange with LCUs from other university medical centers.

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