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Important information for application

The commission supports academics of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and other higher education institutions allied to the University through cooperation agreements by providing advice and assessments with regard to ethical and legal aspects of non-medical research projects concerning humans. It does this in compliance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki.

Our commission does not evaluate medically related research projects, more specifically ones within the framework of the Medicinal Products Act (Arzneimittelgesetzes (AMG)), the Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktgesetzes (MPG)), the Transfusion Act (Transfusionsgesetzes (TFG)) and the radiation protection and X-ray ordinance. The administration office decides on the allocation of applications to one of the two commissions in consultation with the two chairs of the commissions and according to the following scheme:

  1. Is the main applicant a member or associate of Faculty VI?
    No: The application will be assessed by the Commission for Research Impact  Assessment and Ethics, unless one of questions 2-6 are answered in the affirmative.
    Yes: If another of questions 2-6 is also answered in the affirmative, the application will be evaluated by the Medical Ethics Commission. If questions 2-6 are answered in the negative, the application will be evaluated by the Commission for Research Impact Assessment and Ethics.
  2. Is any doctor involved?
  3. Will patients be examined who are treated as outpatients or inpatients within the context of the study?
  4. Will patients / test subjects be given medicines or be subjected to invasive procedures?
  5. Does the study fall under legal regulations (Medicinal Products Act (AMG), Medical Devices Act (MPG), radiation protection and X-ray ordinance, etc.)?
  6. Is it a question of a purely medical nature (as opposed to questions that primarily ensue from a different scienfic area such as psychology, neuroscience or engineering sciences)?

Please answer these questions before submitting an application for evaluation so that it can be decided by which commission your application will be evaluated. Please also use the appropriate documents and forms for the commission concerned. If you have any doubts regarding allocation, please contact the administration office.

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