Central Office of Committees

Maike von Elm

+49 (0)441 798-4742

OECO 3-310

Application process and forms

Please use our documents for the submission (which comply with the requirements and guidelines of the German Psychological Society):

  • initial application, we recommend using the following document: full proposal (proposal in German/ general information for participants und declaration of consent in English
  • for subsequent applications with the same methods, please use the following document: Short proposal with a reference to the initial application.

Please number the pages of the document completely, compress the file and save it as a PDF file using OCR, denoting as follows: Name_Year_Month (e.g. Smith_2016_02).

Please use the documents provided for the test person details and declaration of consent in their current form, and change as little as possible in the standard wording. Please bear in mind that if the data protection passages are altered, their effect may no longer be in conformity with the Lower Saxony Data Protection Act.

Applications for the assessment of research projects on humans should be sent digitally to the joint administration office of the two ethics commissions using the documents provided (please note the deadlines):

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