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If you would like to do the TAP in Winter Semester 2019/20, we kindly ask you to submit your request by 31 October 2019 due to limited capacity.

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TAP—Teaching Analysis Poll

Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) - Qualitative, mid-semester review for instructors

"Do students like my class?" "It seems that a lot of students didn’t quite get the material. What could I do differently?" "I'd like to improve my course. But where should I start?"

If you've asked yourself one of these or similar questions, a Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) might be what you are looking for. Two teams of the Presidential Department for Study Affairs – Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Internal Surveys – administer the TAP program. To conduct a TAP, all we need is some time in your class. After our visit, we will give you feedback in a one-on-one conversation. This service is voluntary and our feedback is confidential – the review results are shared only with the instructors who requested the TAP.

What is a TAP?

Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP) is a feedback method that provides instructors with a qualitative mid-semester review of their performance. The TAP enables instructors to get nuanced feedback, directly from students, about their course. Unlike a regular evaluation, the TAP does not collect only individual opinions. With this method, the instructors gain valuable insights into what the majority of students think is working and what specifically could be done to support and/or enhance students' learning  experience in the course.

Using a standard set of questions, our staff trained in TAP methodology interviews students and subsequently groups and reviews responses with students in class. After the class visit, answers are clustered, organized and discussed with the instructor in a confidential consultation. In the following class session, the instructor can go over the results with students or ask for clarification, and it is up to the instructor to decide what topics will be addressed later in class.

Why should you consider a TAP?

  • You can get feedback about your class based on a conversation with your students moderated and structured by trained TAP facilitators.
  • You can confirm that your teaching strategy is appropriate and/or gather nuanced feedback about changes that could improve your teaching.
  • TAP fosters discussion about teaching and learning practices.
  • Students reflect upon their learning experience in the course: how the content is presented, what methods are used, and howand whether they are involved.
  • Instructors receive feedback during the semester, which is useful for both instructors and their students, leaving enough time to implement changes.

What does the TAP process look like?

  1. If you would like to request a TAP, please send us an email.
  2. We will get back to you to plan a time (usually near mid-semester) and will provide information about subsequent steps.
  3. On the agreed date, we will moderate the last 30 or 45 minutes of your class.
  4. Our facilitators will introduce and explain the process to students. Students will then work in small groups to answer the following three questions:  
    What in this class assists your learning most?
    What hinders your learning in this class?
    What suggestions might you have for improving this class?
    Our facilitators will collect student responses.
  5. After the TAP is completed, the facilitator will report findings to you in a confidential follow-up meeting.  We will discuss the next steps, such as what strategies could be used for improving the course, and we offer, where necessary, pedagogical support.
  6. In the following class, you can discuss the results with your students.

Request a TAP

If you would like to request a TAP, please send us an email with following information:

  • Name, email and phone number, course ID, course name, school the course is offered in, room number, number of students attending class regularly.
  • Let us know whether this is a course you are co-teaching with another faculty member, whether this is a block-course and whether the room in which the course takes place is equipped with a projector with either a VGA or an HDMI port.
  • Please list two dates and times you would like TAP to be conducted, as well as two dates and times for the follow-up meeting. If there is anything else you would like to share with us, please include that information at the end of your email.
(Changed: 2021-04-30)