Unit operations

Course "Unit operations"

Type of course Lecture
Docent Prof. Dr. J. Gmehling
Day and time Th 10-12
Room W3 2-240

About the course

The lecture presents the variety of thermal separation techniques that are applied in the petrochemical industry, processing of natural gas, as well as environmental protection. The importance of thermal separation techniques and the separation principles will be given first followed by thermodynamic fundamentals and the models for the calculation of phase equilibrium. A focal point will be the necessary gas-liquid-equilibrium because of the importance of rectification. This part is followed by the presentation of different concepts (concept of equilibrium steps, concept of transfer unity) and approaches for the solution of balance equations (McCabe-Thiele-, Wang-Henke-, Naphthali-Sandholm-method) for the design (i.e. for the determination of the theoretical number of separation stages, or the height of the packing, respectively) of thermal separation techniques. Special focus point is on the distinct rectification methods for the separation of azeotropic systems. Different designs, packing and baffles will be presented followed by the industrial design of rectifying columns, i.e. the determination of the actual plate number (plate efficiency) and the diameter (pressure drop, hold up). The application of other interesting industrial separation techniques, as e.g. absorption, extraction (liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, supercritical extraction), crystallisation, membrane techniques and adsorption will also be displayed.

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