Economy of the Commons

The working group of the junior professorship “Economy of the Commons” explores the contribution of common-based organizations towards a societal transformation to more sustainability , taking a strong perspective on actors and institutions.

Thematic focuses are in the area of agriculture and ecosystem services as well as on the comparative analysis of common-based systems in the global North and the global South. In doing so, we pursue an inter- and transdisciplinary research approach which brings together concepts of business administration, economics, ethics, political science and ecology. Furthermore, societal actors are integrated in the research process from the beginning.

The BMBF-funded project “Right Seeds” constitutes the core of our research. RightSeeds investigates commons-based rights on seeds and cultivars as a driver for social-ecological transformation of plant production.


News on the project RightSeeds and the activities of the working group are regularly published on the project website.


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