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Welcome to the website of the Chair of Management!

The chair's vision is to contribute to solving urgent environmental and societal challenges through (a) rigorous and relevant management research and (b) teaching that develops responsible managers, employees, and academics. To achieve these goals, the chair works on topics at the interface of strategic management, sustainability, and innovation.

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09.01.2020: New communication channel at the Chair of Management

We are happy to announce that the Chair of Management has recently joined Twitter. We'll use this channel to highlight new research findings, update you on chair activities, and engage in a discussion on topics related to strategy, sustainability, and innovation. Click here to check out our profile and follow us for the most recent news.

02.12.2019: Topics Bachelor and Master theses for summer semester 2020 published

In the category "Bachelor and Master Theses", you can now find the proposals for theses topics in the summer semester 2020. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2020. Detailed information on the application process can be found in the corresponding proposals.

25.11.2019: Presentation by Joern Hoppmann on corporate climate mitigation investments

As part of the student-organized "Public Climate School", Joern Hoppmann will be giving a talk on "Does protest work? Why firms (do not) invest in climate mitigation". Building on several years of research, the presentation will highlight the drivers and barrieres of corporate climate action and discuss how social movements affect firms' climate performance.

The presentation will take place today, Monday 25 November, at 8.15pm in lecture hall G. Everyone is cordially invited to join.

11.11.2019: New article on "Strategic Technology Framing" accepted by Research Policy

A new article entitled "Why Matter Matters: How Technology Characteristics Shape the Strategic Framing of Technologies" has been accepted for publication by the journal "Research Policy". The article is co-authored with Laura Diaz Anadon (Cambridge University, UK) and Venkatesh Narayanamurti (Harvard University, USA). Research Policy is one of the leading journals in the field of innovation studies.

In the article, the authors investigate how the executives of the two largest research institutes for photovoltaic technologies make use of framing to shape the technological development of solar technologies in their own interest. The article shows that executives use four framing dimensions and three framing tactics, and that the choice of dimensions and tactics is tightly coupled to the characteristics of the specific technologies the research institutes pursue. In doing so, beyond making important contributions to the literature, the article helps better understand the emergence of technology hypes.

The full article can be downloaded for free until December 30, 2019, here:

25.10.2019: Katharina Schweitzer is a new external doctoral student at the Chair of Management

Katharina Schweitzer has been an external doctoral student at the Chair of Management since October 2019. She also works as scientific officer for the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) in the office of the "Circular Economy Initiative Deutschland". After studying industrial engineering at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University and the University of South Wales, she completed her master's degree in "Sustainability Economics and Management" at the University of Oldenburg.
During her dual study for the bachelor's degree she worked in Germany and Mexico in the automotive industry. She gained practical experience in international technical project management, change management and central quality management. As part of her master's degree, she completed a research semester at the "Center for Energy and Environmental Technologies Assessment" at the Universidad Central Marta Abreu de las Villas in Cuba.
Her research interests lie in the field of sustainable and strategic transformation. Her dissertation aims at examining drivers and effects of the transformation towards a circular economy to derive implications for practitioners and policy makers.

16.09.2019: The Chair of Management welcomes Katharina Gärtner as a new research associate

Katharina Gärtner has been a research assistant and doctoral student at the Chair of Management since September 2019.

After studying English language and literature with a focus on linguistics and business administration at the University of Mannheim, she completed her Master's degree in "Sustainability Economics and Management" at the University of Oldenburg. As part of her bachelor's degree, she gained research experience at Swansea University and practical experience working for Volkswagen AG. Her research interests lie in the field of sustainable and strategic transformation. In her dissertation, she examines trends and change potential with regard to sustainable mobility in order to derive implications for politicians and practitioners.

06.08.2019: Scientific article accepted by the Journal of Business Venturing

A scientific article authored by Joern Hoppmann and Ben Vermeer (previously ETH Zurich, now Boston Consulting Group) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Venturing, one of the leading journals in the field of entrepreneurship.

The article, entitled "The Double Impact of Institutions: Institutional Spillovers and Entrepreneurial Activity in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry", investigates whether venture capital (VC) investments (i.e., high-risk, high-return investments in entrepreneurial ventures) in the global solar photovoltaic (PV) industry are driven by foreign policy incentives. The article shows that, indeed, foreign policy incentives have driven domestic VC activity. Interestingly, however, the positive impact of foreign policies on domestic VC deals is greater if there are favorable domestic policy incentives in place and if foreign policy incentives are similar to those used domestically.

These findings have important implications for policy makers, as they suggest that domestic policies may also benefit foreign firms, but that countries cannot simply free-ride on foreign institutions, since domestic policy incentives may be required to reap the benefits of foreign policy incentives. For entrepreneurs, these findings imply that locating their business in countries with favorable policy conditions is important not only because it allows them to directly benefit from the corresponding incentives, but also because domestic policy incentives help start-ups to benefit from favorable policy conditions abroad, an effect we label "the double impact of institutions."

04.07.2019: Guest lecture by Dr. Marcel Richert on sustainability management at Tchibo on July 10

On Wednesday, July 10, Dr. Marcel Richert, responsible for sustainable innovations and business models at Tchibo will give a guest lecture as part of the course "Corporate Social Responsibility." During the presentation, entitled "What does it take to create change? - Lessons learned from 14 years of sustainability work," Dr. Richert will discuss the most important insights gained during 14 years of sustainability work at Tchibo. Exemplary questions, which will be treated, are: Why is dialogue-based formats more effective than command-and-control? Why are regulatory frameworks needed? Why do consumers need to be taken onboard for the journey and why are fundamental innovations needed? The presentation starts at 2.30 PM in Hörsaal 3. All interested individuals are cordially invited.

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