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Welcome to the website of the Management Research Group!

The group's vision is to contribute to solving urgent environmental and societal challenges through (a) rigorous and relevant management research and (b) teaching that develops responsible managers, employees, and academics. To achieve these goals, the group works on topics at the interface of strategic management, sustainability, and innovation. Empirically, the research focuses on the energy and mobility sectors. In addition, current projects deal with strategic change of companies in the context of the digital transformation.

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01.08.2023: New paper on implementing corporate sustainability published

A new paper "Not My Business: How Individuals’ Role Identities Shape Sensegiving During Corporate Sustainability Initiatives" that is co-authored by Joern Hoppmann, Marcel Richert (University of Hamburg), and Timo Busch (University of Hamburg) has just been published by Organization & Environment.

In the paper, the authors show how individuals' perception of #sustainability and their roles jointly shape the extent to which they engage in sustainability initiatives. The literature has long shown that the degree to which individuals support organizational sustainability initiatives depends on their perception (e.g., whether they perceive sustainability to pay off or not). A core task managers have during change initiatives therefore is to change individuals' perception by making use of #sensegiving (i.e., providing individuals with information and #framing it in specific ways). In our paper, we study the sustainability initiative of a medium-sized company to show how such sensegiving can be done effectively. We find that if sensegiving efforts are successful critically depends on how individuals perceive their own role in the organization. Individuals who see their role as primarily contributing to the economic success of the organization (economic role identity) ignored and filtered out information managers provided on sustainability (e.g., as they directly deleted related emails). Individuals that perceived environmental and social issues to be part of their organizational role (hybrid role identity) were more open to sustainability-related information and thus more responsive to managerial sensegiving. Making progress on sustainability therefore requires managers to not only use sensegiving but also to change individuals' role identities (e.g., by altering role definitions and creating new roles). By showing the drivers and barriers of such role identity changes, our research holds important implications for both theory and practice. We therefore hope that our research helps facilitate the many sustainability-oriented change initiatives in companies and speed up the global sustainability transition.

For anyone interested in learning more, the paper is available open access at journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/10860266231183955. A previous version of this paper has won the “ONE Best Paper Award” at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017 in Atlanta.

15.07.2023: Guest lectures by Transform8 and Madaster in "Digital Transformation" and "Strategic Sustainability Management" courses

As every year, the courses "Digital Transformation" and "Strategic Sustainability Management" ended with guest lectures by practitioners. In the course "Digital Transformation", the company Transform8 reported on its day-to-day work in consulting on the topic of digital transformation. One particular focus was on the use of digital dashboards in the area of sustainability reporting. In the lecture "Strategic Sustainability Management", Christian Blanke from the "Madaster Foundation" gave a presentation on the use of online material registers in the building sector. By registering all materials and products contained in buildings or infrastructure, Madaster allows to establish a circular economy in the construction industry and thus to strongly reduce CO2 emissions in this sector. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion on the drivers and barriers to sustainability in the construction industry

07.06.2023: The Management Research Group is looking for new research assistents and tutors

The Management Research Group is looking for two new research assistants (each up to 20 hrs./month) starting as soon as possible. First, we are looking for two assistants in the research group who will take over supporting activities in research, such as data collection and preparation of documents. Furthermore, we are looking for an assistant for the master module Renewable Energy Management. The tasks include assisting in the organization of the course, maintaining our online teaching tool, and assisting in exam correction. Furthermore, we are currently looking for 7 tutors (up to 30 hours/month) for the Bachelor module "Introduction to Business Administration" as well as five tutors (up to 30 hours/month) for the Bachlor module "Business Strategies" to be held in the winter term 2020/2021.

For details on the positions, please have a look at the openings (in German). The deadline for applications is July 15, 2023.

Opening HiWi Research Group

Opening HiWi REM

Opening tutors "Introduction to Business Administration"

Opening tutors "Business Strategie

18.05.2023: Academy of Management (AOM) Best Paper Proceedings 2023

The paper “All Tied Up? How Shareholders’ Financial and Non-Financial Interests Affect Strategic Divestitures” by Josua Oll, Swantje Freund, and Joern Hoppmann has been accepted for presentation at the 2023 AOM annual meeting and been judged as one of the best papers in the program by the Strategic Management (STR) Division. This honor entitles an abridged version of the paper to be published in the “Best Paper Proceedings” of the AOM conference. About 10% of all accepted submissions receive this honor. In their paper, the authors analyze the effect of shareholder interests on whether and how firms divest their coal business, drawing on a comparative case study of the four largest electric utility companies in Germany. The annual meeting of the AOM is one of the most renowned and largest conferences for management research. This year, the 83rd annual meeting will take place from 4-8 August, 2023, in Boston (USA). Josua Oll will attend the conference and present the paper on site.

The abridged version of the study can be downloaded here: https://journals.aom.org/doi/abs/10.5465/AMPROC.2023.237bp

01.04.2023: Joern Hoppmann is new Vice Dean and Head of the Department of Business Administration, Economics, and Law

Effective April 1, Joern Hoppmann has been appointed Vice Dean of Faculty II and Director of the Department of Business Administration, Economics, and Law. The Department comprises 20 professorships in the fields of business administration and business education, economics, law, and economic education. More information on the department is available here: uol.de/wire/department

05.02.2023: Management Research Group co-organizes NAMA 2023 sustainability conference in Oldenburg

Together with Prof. Bernd Siebenhuener, Prof. Christian Busse, Prof. Klaus Fichter and Prof. Sascha Alavi, Joern Hoppmann and Josua Oll from the Chair of Management are organizing this year's fall conference of the Scientific Commission on Sustainability Management (WK NAMA) of the Association of University Teachers of Business Administration. The conference - the most important meeting for researchers in the field of sustainability management in German-speaking countries - will take place on September 28 and 29 under the motto "Accelerating the Transition to Sustainability" at the Hoersaalzentrum of the University of Oldenburg. A PhD workshop is also planned for the day before, September 27, in the CORE co-workspace. More information about the conference and the call for papers can be found at uol.de/en/nama2023. Papers can be submitted until April 30, and registration for the conference is expected to be open from June until mid-July.

15.12.2022: Topics Bachelor and Master theses for summer semester 2023 published

In the category "Bachelor and Master Theses", you can now find the proposals for theses topics in the summer semester 2023. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2023. Detailed information on the application process can be found in the corresponding proposals.

02.12.2022: Joern Hoppmann gives guest lecture on "Sustainability Innovation in Business and Management" at TU Berlin

On December 2, 2022, Jörn Hoppmann gave a guest lecture in the course "Sustainable Innovation" at TU Berlin. Joern Hoppmann followed an invitation by Rainer Quitzow, research group leader at the Institute for Transformative Sustainability Research and research associate at the Department of Innovation Economics, Technische Universität Berlin. In the lecture on "Sustainability Innovation in Business and Management", Joern Hoppmann explained how the environmental and social sustainability of products and services can be measured. Building on this, he discussed which processes and measures are required at the operational and strategic level to promote and integrate sustainable innovations in companies.

21.11.2022: Lecture by Joern Hoppmann on "Can technology companies save the climate? Drivers and barriers of sustainability-oriented innovations" at the TU Braunschweig

At the invitation of Prof. Dr. Thomas Spengler (Head of the Institute of Automotive Economics and Industrial Production (AIP) and Chair of Production and Logistics) and Dr. Christian Thies (Postdoc at AIO), Jörn Hoppmann gave a lecture at the Technical University of Braunschweig on November 21. The title of the talk was "Can technology companies save the climate? Drivers and barriers of sustainability-oriented innovations". Afterwards, Prof. Hoppmann exchanged ideas with Prof. Spengler and Dr. Thies as well as staff members at the AIP about current research projects. For Prof. Hoppmann the lecture meant a return to his alma mater, as he studied at the TU Braunschweig and intensified his studies with Prof. Spengler.

18.11.2022: Paper presented by Joern Hoppmann at Yale Sustainable Finance Symposium

A paper co-authored by Joern Hoppmann with Kerstin Lopatta, Sebastian Tideman and Thomas Tammen was presented by Sebastian Tideman at this year's Yale Sustainable Finance Symposium on 11/18/2022. The paper, titled "Capital Market Reactions to Managerial Framing of Emerging Strategic Issues," analyzes how managers can present sustainability-related issues in a way that elicits a positive capital market reaction. The Yale Sustainable Finance Symposium "features fresh thinking and cutting-edge insights on impact investing, climate risks, the transition, regulation, and other emerging issues in the world of sustainable finance - especially those of interest to the sustainable investing community." Presenters came from Stanford University, the European Central Bank, and the London School of Economics, among others. More information on the Yale Sustainable Finance Symposium is available here: cbey.yale.edu/event/2022-yisf-annual-symposium-the-parallel-pressures-of-sustainable-finance

30.10.2022: Interview with Joern Hoppmann on the topic of the energy turnaround

In October, the university newspaper interviewed researchers from various disciplines at the University of Oldenburg to find out what concrete steps should be taken to successfully implement the energy transition. Among the interviewees was Joern Hoppmann, who pointed out in his contribution the role of the financial market as well as the education of skilled workers. A summary of the interview can be found at the following link: uol.de/en/news/energy-transition/mapping-wind-1

16.09.2022: Harvard Policy Brief on photovoltaic funding published

The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School has published a policy co-authored by Joern Hoppmann. The brief is based on the article "Beyond innovation and deployment: modeling the impact of technology-push and demand-pull policies in Germany's solar policy mix," which was recently published in the journal Research Policy. The policy brief can be accessed on the following website:


14.09.2022: Joern Hoppmann provides input to articles by ZEIT ONLINE and Flip

Joern Hoppmann was recently interviewed for an article by ZEIT ONLINE and the sustainability research platform Flip. The article asks why, on several occasions in the past, individuals (e.g. Fynn Kliemann) and companies (e.g. Got Bag) have been awarded the German Sustainability Award, even though the products or services for which the awards were given were inadequate in terms of their sustainability performance.

The article is available here: mailchi.mp/letsflip/nachhaltigkeitspreis

20.08.2022: Management Research Group contributes to Strategy& study on automotive suppliers

In its new issue, SPIEGEL exclusively reports on the results of a supplier study by Strategy& (the strategy consultancy of PwC), which was prepared in cooperation with the Management Research Group. Among other things, the study estimates labor requirements in the supplier industry in the growth areas of charging infrastructure, software, and battery recycling in order to examine the extent to which jobs lost due to electromobility can be compensated for. Parts of this analysis are based on a master's thesis prepared by Nils Göpel and supervised by Katharina Gärtner and Jörn Hoppmann from the Chair of Management. The SPIEGEL article on the study can be found here: www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/autozulieferer-trotzen-der-krise-mit-umsatzsprung-a-6b919187-48de-44bf-b605-5b4d6036f5eb

More news can be found here.

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