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Welcome to the website of the Management Research Group!

The group's vision is to contribute to solving urgent environmental and societal challenges through (a) rigorous and relevant management research and (b) teaching that develops responsible managers, employees, and academics. To achieve these goals, the group works on topics at the interface of strategic management, sustainability, and innovation. Empirically, the research focuses on the energy and mobility sectors. In addition, current projects deal with strategic change of companies in the context of the digital transformation.

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12.04.2021: Online future platform "Mobility in Times of Digitalization" on 4 May from 4 to 6.30 pm

The second of three future platforms will take place on 4 May from 4 to 6.30 pm under the title "Mobility in Times of Digitalization", which is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) as part of the project "Discourses on the Future". At the event, three experts will first explain their views on pressing issues in the context of mobility and digitalization. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for questions, exchange and discussion. We are pleased that we could win the following experts for the event:

  • Dr. habil. Weert Canzler (Co-Head of the Digital Mobility and Social Differentiation Research Group, Social Science Research Center Berlin): "Autonomous driving: hell or heaven?"
  • Maxim Nohroudi (CEO door2door and board member BITKOM): "Are we facing a Kodak/Nokia moment in the mobility industry?"
  • Marion Jungbluth (Head of Team Mobility and Travel, Federation of German Consumer Organisations): "App mobility that takes everyone along".

The event will be held in German and participation is free of charge. To register for the Future Platform, please send a short (preferably empty) e-mail with the subject "Registration Future Platform" to Ms. Swantje Freund (). In good time before the event, you will then receive a link with instructions on how to participate in the video conference. The number of participants is limited for technical reasons, the "first come, first served" principle applies.

For more information on the future platforms project, please see https://uol.de/en/management/research/zukunftsplattformen/2nd-future-platform-mobility-in-times-of-digitalization

17.03.2021: Joern Hoppmann contributes to symposium on climate neutrality strategy of energy supplier EWE

On March 17, Joern Hoppmann participated in a symposium of the Oldenburg-based energy supplier EWE, dealing with the question of how companies can achieve climate neutrality. During the workshop, which was organized by the trainees of the company, Joern Hoppmann provided a brief input on corporate carbon neutrality strategies, which was followed by a stakeholder simulation. Subsequently, Joern Hoppmann shared his assessment of EWE's current strategy and engaged in a discussion of the company's strategy with the workshop participants.

EWE is Germany's fifths largest energy supplier and has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral in Scope 1 and 2 by 2035 and achieve a reduction of carbon emissions in its supply chain of 50 percent (upstream) and 65 percent (downstream) respectively.

15.03.2021: Jörn Hoppmann gives presentation at research seminar of the Manchester Research Institute on Innovation

In the presentation, Joern Hoppmann highlighted the drivers and barriers for a Circular Economy using the example of beverage packaging in Germany. Based on the results of a current research project, which is being conducted at the Chair of Management in cooperation with ETH Zurich, he explained why, despite ecological advantages, single-use recycled packaging is increasingly gaining ground over reusable packaging in many areas in Germany. The project is part of the dissertation project of Katharina Schweitzer, who is working on her doctorate as an external doctoral candidate at the Chair and in parallel as a scientific officer at the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) in the office of the "Circular Economy Initiative Germany".

22.02.2021: Jörn Hoppmann elected as board member of the Oldenburg Center for Sustainability Economics and Management (CENTOS)

Joern Hoppmann was elected to the board of the Oldenburg Center for Sustainability Economics and Management (CENTOS) at this year's general meeting. CENTOS bundles the scientific competencies and activities in the field of environmental economics and sustainability management that have developed over the course of two decades at the University of Oldenburg and have achieved a high national and international visibility.

11.02.2021: New third-party funded project on growth in the information and communication technology sector

The Management Research Group is pleased to announce that a third-party funded project entitled "Digital Growth: Understanding the Drivers of Firm and Industry Growth in the ICT Sector" has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) of Lower Saxony. The research project, which will be conducted in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Jorge Marx Gómez's research group "Business Informatics/Very Large Business Applications", will investigate the drivers and mechanisms of growth in the information and communication technology sector. The funding is part of the program "The Digital Society" of the Lower Saxony Pre-Award, which supports basic or application-oriented projects that explore the digital transformation from the perspective of the social sciences and in which social sciences and information sciences work closely together.

The "Digital Growth" project builds on the observation that while the information and communications technology (ICT) sector forms the backbone of the digital transformation and has experienced spectacular growth in recent decades, it is increasingly characterized by winner-takes-all markets and quasi-monopolies that raise barriers to entry and threaten the survival of small ICT companies. There is also the question of the extent to which technological growth drivers such as processor speed and memory density are coming up against physical limits. Against this background, the project will use qualitative case studies to investigate what drives company growth and how companies can manage to survive in winner-takes-all markets. In addition, the project will analyze patent and industry data to create a better understanding of how different technologies in the industry are interconnected and together shape industry dynamics. The new insights will be used to derive practical recommendations on how small firms can design competitive strategies in quasi-monopolistic markets and how regulators can support digital laggards and develop early warning systems to prevent monopolies from emerging.

More information on the Digital Society program can be found here: www.volkswagenstiftung.de/unsere-foerderung/unser-foerderangebot-im-ueberblick/nieders%C3%A4chsisches-vorab-die-digitale-gesellschaft

The press release from the University of Oldenburg can be accessed here: www.presse.uni-oldenburg.de/mit/2021/019.html

18.01.2021: Hauke Lütkehaus is a new external doctoral student at the Management Research Group

Hauke Lütkehaus joined the Management Research Group as a PhD candidate and scholarship holder from the „Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt“ in January 2021.

He holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Düsseldorf and a M.A. in „Sustainability Economics and Management“ from the University of Oldenburg. During his masters, he gained research experience at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy, Environment. After his graduation, he researched at the Institute for Networked Energy Systems in Oldenburg. His research interests lie in the field of sustainability transitions. In his dissertation, he examines the role of policy mixes for entrepreneurial innovation and market dissemination activities to derive implications for the improvement of existing policies as well as for the design of business strategies.

02.01.2021: Portrait of Joern Hoppmann published in university newspaper "Einblicke"

In its December issue, the university newspaper of the University of Oldenburg "Einblicke" has published an article on the career and research foci of Joern Hoppmann. The article (in German) can accessed under the following link: https://uol.de/fileadmin/user_upload/presse/EINBLICKE/65/management-unterwegs-im-dienst-des-klimas-joern-hoppmann.pdf

15.12.2020: Topics Bachelor and Master theses for summer semester 2021 published

In the category "Bachelor and Master Theses", you can now find the proposals for theses topics in the summer semester 2021. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2021. Detailed information on the application process can be found in the corresponding proposals.

14.12.2020: Josua Oll receives the Dr. Walter Kapaun Study Prize 2020 for his dissertation

Josua Oll has been awarded the Dr. Walter Kapaun Study Prize 2020 for his doctoral dissertation entitled “Essays on the Advancement of Socially Responsible Investment Research: A Conceptual and Methodological Perspective”. The Dr. Walter Kapaun Study Prize is awarded with the support of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Hamburg, and promotes outstanding dissertations with thematic relevance to sustainability and ethics. Josua Oll’s dissertation was evaluated “summa cum laude” by Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen (University of Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Dirk Ulrich Gilbert (University of Hamburg), and Prof. Dr. Matthias Fifka (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) last year. Parts of his cumulative dissertation have already been published in Organizational Research Methods, Organization & Environment, and Business & Society.

For more information on the Dr. Walter Kapaun Foundation and this year’s award winners, please visit: http://www.kapaun-stiftung.de/index.php

28.11.2020: New article by Joern Hoppmann on funding of research institutes published in Research Policy

A scientific article authored by Joern Hoppmann has been accepted for publication in Research Policy. Research Policy is widely considered the leading journal in the field of innovation studies.

In the article, entitled "Hand in hand to Nowhereland? How the resource dependence of research institutes influences their co-evolution with industry," Joern Hoppmann draws on a comparative case study of the world's two largest research institutes for solar photovoltaic power to study how differences in their financial resource dependence influence patterns of co-evolution. The study shows that when a research institute is heavily reliant on industry funding, it leads to close co-evolution of science and industry, thereby raising the risk of a mutual lock-in into specific technologies. A heavy reliance on public funding, on the other hand, contributes to the decoupling of science and industry evolution, which entails the risk of research having limited impact on practice. By developing a framework that shows how co-evolution between science and industry is affected by resource dependence, the study contributes to the literature on science-industry collaboration, co-evolution, and technological paradigms. Moreover, the study bears important implications for policy makers and managers of research institutes interested in spurring technological change toward sustainability.

The article can be downloaded for free until January 13, 2021, here: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1c7mRB5ASFivv

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